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Andrew's Quest


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Hey All,

so i know i'm a little late but i figured i'd get started and post on here.

i'm currently sitting at:

weight: 257lbs

Height: 6'0"

as for measurements for my stomach and all that, i don't currently have them... (at work) but i should get them when i get home...


i plan on trying to get as low as i can really. my "long-term" goal is to get to about 185-200lbs. i'm going to be working out every day with the P90X program and am going to try the Paleo Diet plan for the 28-30 days and only drink water during the day with one 8 ounce cup of black coffee in the morning. should be fun :)

i'll post pics later tonight.

as promised...

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Glad to have ya Andrew

You sound like one ambitious son of a b. Once you're done with p90x, would love for you to post your thoughts on it over in the "Weight-Loss" section...lots of people ask me about that and I haven't tried it yet.

Good luck with the paleo diet too...it's going to be tough, but you gotta keep your eyes on the prize and stay strong!


Rebel Leader. I post videos of my dog on Instagram, and sometimes even share fitness wisdom. SOMETIMES.

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day 1!

so i'm actually getting a book on the paleo diet and it should be coming in tomorrow. i figure, if i'm going to do it, i gotta do it right! so no diet today or tomorrow. the diet starts saturday, after i've read (hopefully read) the book... but either way, i'll read enough to start it on saturday.

oh! and i'm downing a total of about 120 ounces of cold water a day. from what i understand it's supposed to help with weight loss, and IBS...

So workout!

today was the cardio day of the P90X! it's tough! 10 minutes of stretching/warm up, 10-15 minutes of yoga, 10-15 minutes of kenpo, 10-15 minutes of plyometrics, 10 minutes of core workout, and the 5 minutes of cool down.

let me tell you! it doesn't seem like a lot but the 50 minutes really wears on you!!! i'm tired and about ready to sleep! :P

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Day 2!

today was back and shoulders! let me tell you! i definitely need work on those!!! did some pull ups, worked with the resistance bands (which i like a lot more than weights)... all around good stuff... was about an hour long. but i feel like jello!! haha

today was supposed to be my weigh in day but i completely forgot... so i'm going to weigh in tomorrow see if i lost anything! i'll post it here :)

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Day 3!!!

So i got the Paleo book yesterday and started reading it last night. woke up early this morning and finished it! i'm really excited to start this diet though... it's definitely a lot better than what i was "forcing" on myself... it was pretty much eggs for breakfast, chicken (lunch and sometimes dinner), and maybe a sandwich with a couple of healthy snacks in between (which i found out don't fit with this diet at all!).

but today, i started off with a couple eggs with extra Omega 3, strawberries, mango, banana, grapefruit, salmon, and crab legs! the salmon and the crab legs weren't cooked with butter or salt... it was cooked with garlic and olive oil! and it was surprisingly pretty good! (i'm definitely not a fish fan...) i've got some variety already!!! :D

so i did 2 hours of yoga today... early in the morning i started the yoga video for p90x but only had enough energy for half an hours worth. so i stopped and later in the day i went back and redid the half an hour and finished the rest of the hour and a half long video. so a little extra workout but it was great. i love yoga! :)

i also weighed in and was still at 257... >< but hopefully it'll start going down again...

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day 4

started off with a black coffee... had some chicken and a bare salad (lettuce and tomatoes) for lunch. came home and had some strawberries. for dinner, some grapes and flank steak.


legs, back, and ab ripper x. was about an hour long. did some wall squats, lunges, etc.

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day 5

so i've decided that i love this paleo diet!!! this is, by far, the best season to be on this diet! :) only the best fruits are in season now. :P also, my "weigh in" days are monday, (sometimes) wednesday, and friday. so today, i weighted in and lost 2lbs!!! i'm sitting at 255 right now. :)

i started off the day with some grapefruit in the morning and a banana, strawberries for a snack, chicken and the other half of the grapefruit for lunch, a plum for 2nd snack, and a chicken, some steamed broccoli and a mango for dinner. and of course my 120 ounces of water.

today was a 50 minute session of kenpo! i love it. always moving and punching and kicking. great way to work out some possible aggression :)

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thanks Topher. i'm excited to see the after pics too. hehe

Day 6

So today was pretty normal. started with a banana, got to work, had some eggs and a bit of grapefruit. lunch was chicken and a hefty salad with spinach, carrots, broccoli, tomatoes, and a little bit of golden italian thing that tasted a lot like mushrooms. (i can't stand the fungus!!!) for dinner i had a mango, plum, and some chicken that i overdefrosted... hehehe. won't be doing that again...

for my workout, today was day "7" of the workout circuit and so it was the stretch day. it was 55 minutes of stretching. to be honest, it was great! i definitely feel a lot better, not as sore, etc after doing it. great times!!! :)

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day 7! (1 week down, 3 to go!)

today was pretty much the same as it has been. did the core workout today... that's definitely my least favorite out of all the workouts because my core just SUCKS!!! but i have noticed some improvements.

as for food, breakfast was the same (it's going to be the same except for the weekends because i don't have my work's deli to go to then :P ). for lunch i had a grilled chicken and some steamed vegetables. not the best and they seemed a little old but they're vegetables nonetheless. dinner was some salmon and a plum! :) good stuff

and i remembered to weigh in this morning and i lost another pound! bringing my grand total, lost, up to 30lbs!!! i have to get some new clothes soon... =/

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day 8 of this epic quest of healthiness!

so today was pretty much the same as always. except i had flank steak for lunch today and for dinner, i had chicken as always, but i got this really good no salt seasoning that Heather told me about that's really really good.

workout was the cardio video today. i always love doing that one :P

but it was a pretty chill day. ready for this dumb instance (wow) to be over with... :(

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day 9!

for breakfast, i had a spinach egg white omlette (however you spell that...). had some grapefruit for a snack, lunch was a piece of chicken (wasn't too hungry), apple slices for a after lunch snack, and stir fry for dinner (without sauce and i used this no salt seasoning thing that we got from Costco).

today was arms, shoulder, and ab ripper x! so not fun... i'm sore :(

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today was a pretty bad day for me... woke up late and didn't end up eating anything until about 1:30 (woke up at 10:00). then i had a chicken breast and a plum. went to the parent's place and had some flank steak and steamed broccoli for dinner... yeah... didn't eat much at all... did my hour and a half of yoga though. which was always good... but that's pretty much it...

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food, today, was pretty bad... well lunch was... i had chicken tender type things... that was it for lunch. breakfast, banana, plum, and a 16 ounce coffee. dinner, i had some strawberries and some pork chops cooked with Olive oil and some Mrs Dash Garlic seasoning. (love that stuff)

workout today was skipped... i know... just didn't really feel like it, which is a bad excuse...

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food was pretty normal today. eggs and grapefruit for breakfast with 16 ounces of coffee. sliced apples for a snack, chicken and more grapefruit for lunch. the different thing was dinner! i had some halibut with onions and red bell peppers and some steamed brocolli. i just want to say though that this no salt thing sucks!

no workout today too... i'm slacking :(

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today, food was pretty good. i had a tomato and spinach omlette and grapefruit for breakfast. orange for snack, early lunch which was chicken and a bunch of veggies, nother orange for 2nd snack, apple slices for 3rd snack (i know... i got hungry!), then some halibut and a big salad with olive oil and lemon juice for the dressing for dinner. sooo good! :D

workout. yes, i did my workout. in fact, i did it twice because my mom wanted to do it with me! so 2 hours of stretching! i feel so relaxed and loose right now!

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breakfast was the normal eggs and grapefruit. had apple slices for a snack, chicken and a salad for lunch. finished the apple slices a couple hours after that. came home and made some nice new york steak (i think thats what it was... i just cooked it :P), veggies, and a really ripe plum! good eatin today!

no workout. started a programming class and when i got home, the bro's fiance was over and they always sit in front of the tv and catch up on their shows... maybe later tonight :P

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food was pretty much the same as yesterday... just didn't have the veggies at dinner but at lunch.

so since i missed yesterday, and i read the blog post today, i was feeling really guilty... so i did an hour of stretching and 45 minutes of cardio... i am TIRED now!!! but yeah... that was a nice kick in the ass to get me back into the working out schedule... thanks Steve and Heather (for showing it to me :P)

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today was good. had a couple eggs and grapefruit for breakfast, as normal. apples for a snack. salmon and grapefruit (btw, not a very good combination...) for lunch, and some left over new york steak and pork chop for dinner...

got off extra early today and did my shoulder and arms workout along with half an hour of cardio... (TIRED!!!) but i'm probably not going to be eating well tonight. my younger bro is having a party and i may cheat there... not sure though...

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so... first of all, i did cheat a little bit last night. all i had was a guarana and about 4 oreos.

today though, i woke up at 1pm and a chicken breast for lunch and apples, carrots, and grapefruit for dinner. drank lots of water today, so i haven't been too hungry

did my yoga today and i think that the double workouts i was doing was starting to get to me... it was TOUGH to finish today. but i did the hour and a half of it... struggled, but done! :)

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today was bad, food wise. had coffee for breakfast... yup, that was it... then for lunch i had halibut, so not too bad. but dinner was a going away dinner for my younger bro and he wanted mexican food. so i had carnitas... soooo good but sooo bad...

did the arms and legs routine today...

i've been forgetting to add this... last monday, i gained a pound. wednesday, i lost that pound, and friday, i lost 2 pounds. so i'm sitting at 252. i'm only going to be weighing in on fridays from now on so i don't have that kind of a rollercoaster look to my weight loss...

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today was pretty good. started off normal with the eggs and unfortunately got SLAMMED (understatement) at work so the grapefruit that i was going to have, i had to wait till a couple hours later as a snack. lunch was chicken and some veggies as normal. no after lunch snack... dinner was a lean burger patty, no seasoning or anything, and some fruit.

no workout today... i didn't get home until just now and it's almost time to sleep... went and watched Alice and Wonderland (3D). it was GREAT! :)

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today was a lot like yesterday... eggs and then grapefruit for a snack. chicken and more grapefruit for lunch (i like grapefruit if you can't tell! :P). then i had chicken and a couple servings of vegetables with olive oil and garlic... mmmmmmm

for my workout, i was making up for last night. did the kempo and the stretch videos. so 2 hours of working out today.

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