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i started reading some of his site today, then work got a little busy, then i found out they announced blizzcon and those forums popped up again... (thats probably my favorite time of the year... blizzcon :D) but i'll try to get to his site again tomorrow...

food was pretty meh... i had the same for breakfast and lunch as yesterday. for dinner, i went to the Sounders opening day game today, right after work. my dad and i tried to go to a bar and get something to eat but they were all PACKED!!! so no dinner for me... :( i'm a bit hungry but i don't want to eat anything so late...

also, no exercise for me today because of the game... unless you count about an hour and a half of walking and then standing in the stands (no one ever sits during those games) for another hour and a half... my legs are KILLING ME!!! but it was fun :)

it's nice having a good professional team in seattle :P

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today, i wasn't even paying attention and then i realized that it was 3:30 and decided to eat something. so i had some halibut that i had sitting in the freezer. then for dinner, i warmed up some veggies and just had those. haven't been too hungry today...

workout, i did a little bit of yoga... didn't do the entire thing because i had to go to an appointment and then went out with my mom for the afternoon... so just an hour instead of the hour and a half...

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yesterday was bad... food wise... i had the normal eggs and grapefruit in the morning, chicken and veggies in the afternoon. but my brother's future best man's family wanted us over for dinner. EVERYTHING they made was against the Paleo diet... so i ate a little bit of everything because i didn't want to offend her and i feel really fat today... :(

workout was an hour of kempo (kenpo? i don't remember)

no after pics though yet... maybe soon.

as for the grade that Steve talked about in his blog post yesterday, i'd probably only give myself a C-.

missed a few workouts, didn't get down that far... i weighed in at 251 on friday... i did post almost every day (missed yesterday)...

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