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Trix preps for Camp

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Don't mind me, just sliding in under the radar for a little pre-camp accountability.

As of this writing, Camp starts in 31 days. Oh the Antici-

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So what do I want to focus on between now and then? Aside from *literally everything*?


Topic 1: Food

This girl has been breakfasting on a diet of soda, donuts, poptars, and occasional breakfast pizzas for the last 6 months and I'm pretty sure that has a lot to do with why I'm at my heaviest weight ever. This is something I would like to snap out of and start building better breakfast habits.


Topic 2: Activity

My job keeps me fairly active, at least in that I'm on my feet and walking all day. However I lack *intentional* movement in my day. 

In order to be able to participate in camp activities as much as possible, and avoid camp-related injuries, I intend on incorporating some daily intentional movement. This may be some Zombies, Run! action, some OhShape and Beat Saber in VR, a sweat-inducing impromptu dance party in my living room, yoga, swimming, a surprise capoeira training session, or even a regular plain old bodyweight routine if I can get my body and brain to play nice with each other.  The key is scaling with my available spoons, and avoiding all-or-nothing mindset


Topic 3: Calm the Hex Down

Between having a mental health breakdown, fatigue from work, and being ultra excited about camp, my nervous system is a little bit on fire these days.

I'm not entirely sure how this particular focus will go.  I think to go along with my intentional movement goal above, I'll have intentional silence. Whether this be between workout and leaving for work, or getting home from work and getting all the *ick* out of my system... Could be meditation, journaling, or (again) yoga. Not afraid to double dip if the day calls for it!


Known Challenges:

My biggest obstacles are morning mood and after-work fatigue.  Since I have such *awful* after work fatigue, I want to try to get up earlier to allow for some intentional movement and time to eat breakfast before getting in the car. The problem here is that I have this habit of snoozing my alarm until 15 minutes before I'm supposed to leave. My job doesn't have a set start time so I'm not penalized for being late,  and with all the various hacks I've tried to get up without resetting my alarm, it really just comes down to "If I don't want to get up, I'm not going to." So I think I'll make myself a big ole sign to put on my night stand that says "YOU PROMISED" lol.


Setting up for Success:

1. prepping some roast veggies tonight to set up for an easy breakfast scramble in the morning.

2. deciding the night before what I want to try to do the following morning, and setting it as a reminder on my phone that I will hopefully notice when I try to futz with the alarm.

3. reinstate bedtime procedures to promote early and restful sleep



Maybe I'll have the wherewithal to use some of my extra time in the mornings to do a check in regarding the previous day? Maybe 😉

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Day 1 (4/11)


I stopped resetting my alarm at 7 and forced myself out of bed by 7:15. Not early enough for exercise, but early enough for a shower and making breakfast.  Tired as all heck though. 

Work ran way later than usual, even though by all accounts it was a better day than I've been having. So I traded 'tired and miserable' for 'just extremely tired'. 


Food: Breakfast scramble, check. Stopped at a gas station for caffeine, but picked up a "healthy" energy drink instead of soda.

Activity: Post-work Beat Saber. Kept the maps pretty chill though because heeeeccckkk I was tired.
Calm: Worked on an art piece. Well, I made preparations for my art piece. One step closer to actually doing it. Went to bed early

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Day 2 (4/12)


Did not sleep well, despite trying to go to bed early. Something to do with the changing temperatures probably.  Didn't get out of bed until closer to 7:45 which means getting just the basics done before leaving. Realized too late that this evening I have a continuing education class and as such won't really have time for exercise, so We'll see what I make with that


Food: Gas station breakfast (breakfast pizza and pop tarts) BUT I had a "healthy" energy drink from yesterday, so I skipped the soda.

Activity: Just chasing down the elderly, nothing intentional, boo.

Calm: Nothing I would consider intentionally calming, but I was locked out of the building where my class was for a while, so I had dinner in my car with the windows down and enjoyed the weather for a bit before class!




Day 3 - I took time off work. Today is Therapy Day, so I'll be driving out to see my therapist, and beforehand I'll be running all my "big city" errands, by which I mean hitting up all the thrift shops looking for clothes that actually fit. Yesterday right before I left work I developed some spontaneous back muscle pain which has lingered through and worsened overnight so I'm trying to figure out what to do with that.  My plan for movement today was going to involve going for a "run" but with my breathing muscles hurting the way they do, I think some more gentle movement is in store. Plan for the day includes eating something, gentle movement such as yoga, and quiet time before and after therapy. yaayyyy

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Day 3 (4/13)


Well... I didn't end up eating before leaving, so like everything I ate all day was bready/sugary carbs but portions were not as excessive as they've been in the past... 😬 And by the time I got home I was pretty whipped. I did end up finding clothes that felt good to wear! None of them were at the thrift stores, so I ended up paying full price for everything I got, but these are the first somewhat comfortable jeans I've had in months (years?) and a tank for Camp.


Food: Breakfast? Brunch? Idk, I got it from a gas station and it was crackers. GG, self.

Activity: Noooooope. :(

Calm: YES. I had a good talk with my therapist, and some time for reflection before and after.




Day 4 Intentions: If my apartment is warm enough for me to emerge from stasis, I'd like to get up and do yoga or somesuch in the morning before breakfast. I don't expect this to be the case, so I will be happy just to get up early enough to make some eggs. 

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Woah what happened there.



Breakfast is still proving difficult but I have eggs and english muffins now so maybe I can get something going. For some reason the roasted veg wasn't doing it for me. Perhaps because I had too much broccoli and not enough potato?



Yesterday (Saturday) I played some OhShape and Beat Saber and got nice and sweaty
Today (Sunday) I went for a "run" (Zombies, Run! 5K training, week 1 day 1)

And then it snowed. Thanks, Iowa.


I convinced myself to bring my berimbau to camp, and have practiced it twice in the last few days, which is pretty awesome. And then today I found out I can't bring it to camp. But I sure would like to keep trying to practice. I'll see if I can decouple the act of playing it with the feeling of bummer. Decoupling feelings like that is hard sometimes.


So, plan for monday:

Wake up in time for breakfast, and eat breakfast

After work meditation or something calming because it's gonna be a long day I'm sure.

OhShape/Beatsaber if it's still fxing cold, something outside if it's warmer. 


Also, make a food plan for the week and actually go get groceries. I've been avoiding this and it shows 😅

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ate breakfast

I helped a friend carry and assemble a desk, then played a fair bit of beat saber
and I worked on a piece of art. 
Not too shabby for a monday.


Plan for Tuesday:
Eat breakfast (in progress)
And then after work I have a blood donation so if that goes well (as in, if I have enough iron that they'll take me), I'll plan on taking the evening pretty chill. Hopefully eat some veggies.

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I ate breakfast (though I think I'm getting saturated on this particular breakfast and need to find a different texture to eat for a bit)

I donated blood (woo! My iron is the highest it's been like *ever*)

After resting for a bit, I decided I did have enough energy for some beat saber

and I journaled the heck out of my journal before bed.


Plan for Wednesday:

Today I have off of work, so it'll be chill. I got a lot of veggies yesterday so I'm gonna try to make some healthy food. At this point it looks like today's "project" is going to be house cleaning because *yikes* but I'll throw in some quiet reflection and some slick dance moves in throughout the day.

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