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Challenge Wrap Up Thread

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Now that this challenge is over and we're prepping for zero week, let's take a minute to reflect on this last challenge - how'd it go? 


Post below with your challenge review, or a link to yours in your own thread :)


Ideally, you'll do your review before you start your new challenge - we will see much greater success in the new challenge if we take some time to reflect on the one we just completed, as well as talk about what worked and didn't work with everyone else to get ideas :)


It's not required, but reflection can have just as big of an impact as planning. 


Do well? Don't be afraid to brag on yourself! This is the right place! See someone who didn't do so well? That's why we're all doing this together, right? Offer some ideas to help :)








So - how'd it go?  Share with us below!


Here's my favorite way to review: 


SUCCESSES - what worked well?

STUMBLES - what didn't go so great?

SET UPS - what will you change for the next challenge?


One other thing that can be helpful to look at:


What is one thing you learned from the previous challenge? 





P.S.  The new challenge will go live today (Sunday, May 1) and will run from May 8th to  June 1

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My challenge review ^^^


Successes: When I actually did it, counting out my vitamins ahead of time helped with making sure I took them.

Stumbles: I didn't end up touching the book I wanted to read at all this challenge, which was really disappointing.

Set ups: I plan to set the book in a more visible spot (underneath papers on my dresser is not a good spot apparently. lol).

                  As often as I remember to, I plan to count out my vitamins ahead of time.


Having said that, Baby's due date is tomorrow, so we'll see how active I am this next challenge. :)

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Love this thread! 


Here's a copy and paste of my challenge review:

Challenge wrap up


Tracking out of 30 days: I tracked 20 full days and 4 half days, for about 74% consistency

Staying in calorie 22 full days, for about 74% consistency. Not bad, but I am aiming for 80% consistency

I think I was better at sticking to the tracking this challenge


I lost 3 pounds, and the clothes that were tight fit better. My jeans fit better. My measurement are slightly smaller, but I think I lost more in areas I didn't measure, because my clothes fit better


I levelled up in my NF workouts.  I can do  4 sets of 2 chin ups, and sometimes can even crank out 3.


I did good on my daily quests. My weekly quests I did a few weeks, and forgot others. I am going to try and keep up this habit. I find it keeps me focused. 



success what worked well: Having a calendar on the wall, in a very  easy to see place, to remind me to record that I had tracked my calories


stumbles: Not consistent enough with the tracking. I did do  record consistently when I was at home. Maybe try guestimating and then recording after the fact (guestimates for when I eat out) . I also want to do better at recording my daily weight so I can see trends. I made a file in Onenote on my phone, so hopefully that will be make it easier to remember.

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