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Hello Nerdfitness community!

I'm starting my first challenge with three ambitious but doable goals.

1. Lift 3x/ week. This should be easier since we a rack and bench etc. in the garage.

2. Eat mostly meat and veggies on work days. I work 12 hour nights and I used to do steamed veggies and chicken / eggs/ shrimp every night. Its not hard to keep my diet clean at work if I meal prep, but I've gotten out of the habit lately. 

3. Cut up and split 3 trees before the end of the challenge. We have a lot of trees, which means a lot of wood to cut this summer as some of the dead ones need to be cut down before they fall on something (or someone). Cutting them down can be labor intensive, but splitting them with an axe and carting them across our lot is exhausting. While it sounds more like a chore, I believe it is probably a great workout as long as I am careful with how I pick things up and carry them.


Planning to use habitica to track thislumberjack GIF

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