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Hello Everyone

Not sure if this is the place for topic but.....

I'm finally cleared for weight lifting again;  sciatic injury followed by hernia repair surgery and recovery.  During that time, I didn't get horribly bad , but I did notice a bit of belly gain.  So I'm looking to lose the belly fat and get back into lifting.  I've always enjoyed full body routines, due to work schedule, 3 times a week.   I've restarted taking the portion control method for my nutrition and might incorporate intermittent fasting down the road.  I do need some opinions on my routine.

Leg Press 3x8

Barbell RDL 3x8

Goblet Squat 3x8

Bench Press 3x8

Cable Row 3x8

Standing Dumbbell Overhead Press 3x8

Lat Pulldown 3x8

I've purposely not included any direct arm moves since I believe they will get enough work from the other moves.  My idea is to keep the routine 3 days a week as I normally do, then start adding cardio after a few weeks on non lift days, probably just start out with walking.  Any feedback or suggestions will be appreciated.

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You'll lose belly fat through diet. Don't eat over your TDEE, get at least 1g of protein per lb of bodyweight, and take it easy with any alcoholic (or sugary) treats. Sleep and recovery are also hugely important, as is stress management.


The routine itself looks perfectly fine, don't forget to warm up. With the history of a hernia though, you really should chat with a physiotherapist to ensure that the movements you've selected will be safe for you at this stage of your recovery.


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