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Petrus: First Challenge

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I want to get back into strength training. I have been out now for about a month and a half.

I want to do this by training 3* week before work.  This would be on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and would be give me 15 training sessions by the end of the challenge.


My routine is a modified 5*5 routine and includes stretching before and afterwards.  A training session is 45min.


To do this I would have to be in bed by 21:30, up by 04:15 🥺, start training by 05:15.


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Welcome to the Rebellion. It looks like you're going to have to use a lot of will power to both go to bed on time and wake up on time to lift. Are there other times in the day that would work better, or is 5:15 the only time that would work for you?

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Ouch! That's a rough schedule!  Good luck!  

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Wow.  I've never been a good workout-in-the-morning person.  Cheering you on!!

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