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Slow is smooth and smooth is fast! (Terra)

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Right now progress is slow, but I am making progress and its good progress.  I turn 50 in one year.  I sure don't feel that old and I have a plan to make sure I don't feel that old for a very long time! 


Keep doing what I have been doing:

  • make the next best choice that I can right now
    • eat what is good for my body and try to not overeat
    • exercise when I can
    • don't overwork myself but stand up for the folks who work for me
  • Love my family, friends and myself all the time


Slow, smooth and simple!






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Current Challenge: Terra turns 50?!?!?


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"Shit is going down, but I am not." - iatetheyeti

Don't say "I don't have enough time", say instead "that's not a priority right now" and see how that makes you feel.

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Hi @Tanktimus the Encourager


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This is my life some days!  Although if you think about it, the tornado moves fast in its spin, yet (usually) it is slow moving on the ground.  Just a thought for today. 


Life isn't getting any easier or slower.  So I try to make good choices.  This morning it was eating pumpkin spice muffins for breakfast and leaving one of them for a snack later today.  I am working out when I can, getting my physical therapy done (shoulder still hurts!), trying to do a good job both at work and for my family.


We are taking a trip to Denver this weekend.  Eldest Spawn has an appointment up there on Thursday afternoon, there is a FanExpo (comic con-ish) that we are going to and then spending the 4th of July with my family.  

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Ranger-Monk Hybrid - Do all the things and lots of BJJ

I am a strong little powerhouse 

Current Challenge: Terra turns 50?!?!?


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Yes! Made it back from Denver and had a great time at the FanFest! 


My movement is improving and i tried playing with my shoulder at BJJ yesterday.  It is sore but not like it was a month ago.  I am just healing slower than I would like and that sucks.  With any luck i will be back on the mats in a month or so, but I will have to be careful for a while. Getting back into BJJ as a out of shape and delicate high purple belt will be a monumental challenge.  Choosing good people to work with while I get myself back into BJJ will be vital.  And my husband isn't going to be one of those people, which is going to be hard for both of us. And I am not going to be smooth for a bit...  My focus will need to be on a slow pace, technical accuracy and position before submission. 

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Food has been a challenge.  I get stressed with all  the medical appointments, a husband and teenage daughters (which makes me care taker and mediator to everyone) and a job in management where I am trying to do my best for all of my employees.  Its a lot and I have sat and stress eaten more than a few times lately.  Portion size is key for me and getting back to more paleo eating would be ideal. 

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Taking care of my girls is high priority this month with more appointments, but we are moving in the right direction and getting more of the things that can/will help them both.  I am hopeful that my oldest gets back to school this fall (so she can have a senior year of high school) and she starts to drive soon.  For my youngest I am hopeful that she will learn that food choices can make a huge impact on her health and she finds her circle.  My hubby is doing great medically.  We are both frustrated with the overwhelming needs (demands?!?!?)  of two teenage daughters!!! 

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Ohhh that was a lot of negativity.  But I am really doing OK.  Mostly happy by choice and dealing with it all as  it comes.  Its overwhelming sometimes, however its all manageable with smart choices to let the other stuff go and not stress about what I didn't do or can't get to (like decluttering my house) Life happens and I am managing to find my happy each and every day.  I'll take it!

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Ranger-Monk Hybrid - Do all the things and lots of BJJ

I am a strong little powerhouse 

Current Challenge: Terra turns 50?!?!?


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@Mistr Red tape or something on my arm is a great idea that I will be implementing.   I tried it on Saturday and it helped to keep my partner (my husband specifically) from grabbing my arm too much. 

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My mantra this week:

Portion size, exercise, self care and family!


I drive half way to Denver on Wednesday night (my parents home).  Thursday is one medical appointment in Denver (so there and back).  Then 2.5 days spent with my girls and my parents.  Then drive to Denver again on Sunday night.  Two medical appointments on Monday (an maybe visiting a service dog organization) and drive back to my parents home that night.  Tuesday drive home in the morning, work in the PM.  Whew, its a crazy schedule but it give my parents time to spend with my girls and minimized my hotel costs in Denver.

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Ranger-Monk Hybrid - Do all the things and lots of BJJ

I am a strong little powerhouse 

Current Challenge: Terra turns 50?!?!?


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