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DoubleTrouble practices braking

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Braking is a metaphor for rest days, and knowing when to brake, how much to brake, and for how long is a skill I want to develop. Currently I'm doing 6 days of training followed by 1 day of rest, which is working well, but maybe there's something that'll work even better and I won't know until I try. Also I have my driving re-test this challenge so I have to practice literal braking as well.


Main Quests

Practice braking

Pass a driving test



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On 6/23/2022 at 12:37 PM, juliebarkley said:

Best of luck on your driving test!

Thanks, I'll need it


On 6/23/2022 at 12:43 PM, Conquius said:

Nice. Do you feel like that's enough rest?


You'll know yourself better than anyone, but 6 on / 1 off sounds brutal.


Yes, it was sustainable. I didn't go at 100% intensity for the 6 days so it wasn't brutal




One fail (sort of) and one successful brake this week. The fail was during tricking class, they said we were doing flips. One of my tibs wasn't able to handle the impact from punching off the spring floor, so I should have bowed out. But on the other hand it got me doing tib rehab more seriously. The win was two days later when I recognized that I needed to rest and did some gardening instead of a half assed training session.



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One day kinda off (basketball), six on, one kinda off (swim).

Forgot to include in last week's update that I failed my driving test. Boo.


Not sure if I learned anything about braking during this challenge. I like the more fluid format where I can choose when to rest instead of having a set rest day. At the same time it makes me more prone to having less full-rest days.



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