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Tateman - Just trying to survive and prep for alien probing

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I was all ready to come into this challenge with some baby steps to get me going. Well, they may be even more smaller steps as I am starting off just trying to survive. The hits just keep on coming. So last challenge started with our oldest cat being put down, then 3 weeks later our other cat followed. :(  I ended up being sick after coming back from Vegas. Still am a bit, though I am feeling better. Unfortunately, my wife and youngest son have covid. :( They have been isolated as much as possible, and we are in masks whenever we have to be in the same room. Honestly, I don't know how I didn't get it from my wife. I had been sleeping on the couch, because I was sick and didn't want it to spread to her. I was also coughing really bad, so I wanted her to get some sleep. Finally I decided that I wasn't coughing so bad, and was feeling a bit better. I went back to sleep in the bed. The next day she tested positive. We even shared a dinner the night before. Like eating off the same plate etc. Somehow, I tested negative. Oldest tested negative as well.


So we are kind of stuck inside. I've gone out to get mail, and we also got a few supplies. Mask mandate is back in effect in this area as well. Really trying to limit any contact with people. Wife is also dealing with a huge stomach ulcer, and could even need surgery for that. Will see how thins progress. All this, and towards the end of this challenge, I get to have a colonoscopy. I've been joking about getting a alien probing since I made the appointment haha.

GIF by South Park

That is for July 18th. There will be prep I have to do for this too.

3 days before the procedure no Legumes, Corn, Nuts, Peas, Tomatoes, Carrots, or Watermelon.

The day before Clear liquids only. They say Be creative with "meals" haha. At 5 pm take 4 Dulcolax tablets and drink one bottle of the Magnesium Citrate.

The day of the procedure, I need to wake up 4-5 hours before scheduled time. This will be 2:30 am for me. I need to take 2 dulcolax tablets, and drink the second bottle of the Magnesium citrate, plus drink 24 ozs of clear liquids over the next hour. 3 hours prior to procedure, nothing to eat or dink. 


Anyhow, let's try to get the challenge started with some thing I can control.


Goal 1 - I can get sleep under control

Being sick, I actually was sleeping a lot. Took naps and such. I knew I started feeling better when I started staying up past 2am haha.  Just going to try to keep it simple enough. Get to reading at 10:30 PM, then get to sleep at 11:30 PM. There are a couple of nights that might interfere. I bowl on Thursdays, and it is kind of late, but most times I would get home before 10 pm. The other night is Friday nights my wife and I usually watch all our shows from the previous week. Sometimes we do go past 10:30 PM.  A night like that, I just need to get to sleep as soon as possible afterwards. 


2 points every day. 14 points for the week. 


Goal 2 - Food and testing glucose

I want to track and do many things, but I am going to start off simple for now. Just too much dealing with other things. Week 1 I will start off with no snacking after dinner. I've also not been checking my blood sugar levels recently. I want to at least do it once a day. Maybe week 2 or week 3 I can add in calorie tracking or something, but right now this is my start.


Week 1 - No snacks after dinner, plus testing blood sugar one a day.


2 points every day. 14 points for the week


Goal 3 - Movement, exercise and walking

I did have a nice little plan to get in some exercise, and add in some walking etc. Just things are weird for all that now. Just going to focus what I can now. Week 1 I need to get up and move around 4 times a day at least. Each time I get up, I am going to do a set of exercises. So get up and do like 10 squats.  Do that 4 times, and I'm good. Next day swap to something else. Each day I can swap out lower body, then upper body next day. Sunday would be a rest day. I had planned on doing a couple of laps around the apartment complex walking area. Since I want to limit my exposure to people (even though I am sure I would be spread out enough), this isn't happening for now. Our apartment is pretty tiny, and I can walk some in here though. As I get up during the day, I'll take a lap or two in the apartment, then do whatever exercise. This way I can get some movement in, and start working some muscle to get everything ready for bigger and better things ;) 


Week 1 - Get up 4 times a day. Walk the apartment 2 times, then do a set of exercises from the list. 


8 points each day, 4 on Sunday (just walking on Sunday).  52 points for the week


Goal 4 - Cards & Comics

I really need to go though old cards and comics I have here. There is a lot of space taken up since we got rid of our storage area. Some of the comics I got from my friend when he died. Some are not bagged and boarded. Some of my own are not as well, or doubled into one bag. Either way, I bought some new boards and bags to hopefully get then all corrected. I also will need to get them sorted all out to see what all I have. My old cards have been needing to get through for a long time. I have gone through a few boxes, but I have many many more to get though. Plus I have to see what cards I have left, because my brother went through them awhile ago, and stole mostly all of my good one I had. Really what I have left is probably 80-90% junk :(  Anyhow, I want to dedicate time to get though a chunk. If I am going to be stuck inside, might as well, right :D Spend at least 20 minutes a day working on this.


20 minutes a day spent in the cards/comics


2 points per day, 14 for the week.


So there is my challenge. I hope to be able to add more in week 2, but kind of need to see how things go. Let's hope this is a good start up for me at least.


Measurements: (will get once wife isn't isolated)

Chest - 

Waist - 

Bicep (L) - 

Bicep (R) - 

Thigh (L) - 

Thigh (R) - 

Weight - 



Week 1 - 0/94

Week 2 - 

Week 3 - 

Week 4 - 

Week 5 - 

Points total - 0/

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15 hours ago, Tanktimus the Encourager said:

Have fun with that colonoscopy prep!

It's going to be the best! haha. Wife actually did it all a few weeks ago, so I got an idea of what I'll have to go through. It isn't going to be too bad, I hope.


Quick update. Day 1, not so great. Although, I did partially do some thing. I got up to walk around the apartment once. When it came time for reading, my son was talking to me about Navy basic training. I guess he was looking into videos, so he had to show me :) I was super late to reading, but decided to go ahead and read. I ended up finishing the book, but it put my close to 11:50pm. So technically no points. 


Today though, all the points. Assuming I get to reading in just a minute, then get to bed on time.

I ate food today, then had none after dinner. Also tested my blood sugar levels. Not the best. It really made me thing I need to go keto asap, just for getting that back in control at least. We'll see if I can make changes to better in this week.

Walking, I did in fact get up 4 times today. I also did 10 squats. So 4 sets in the day. I thought they would be easy, but it would seem I was wrong haha. My legs were like "WTF is going on!"

I also did some work on my comics. Technically it was just getting a package of bags and boards ready. Did that while watching some videos.


In Covid news, Wife and youngest son retested today. Son is a negative now, but the wife is still positive. 5 more days at least for her. At least 5 days more for me on the couch haha.


Hope to repeat today's success. Not sure what exercise I want to do tomorrow. Maybe I'll do some hangs with my new pull up bar. We'll see. :D

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I am not jealous of you and that colonoscopy at all, yikes. Although I will say, I had to drink miralax this year for mine and it was a million times better than the huge prescription bottle of grossness I had the previous time. It seems like the OTC stuff sucks less than expected?

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On 6/22/2022 at 8:54 PM, fleaball said:

I am not jealous of you and that colonoscopy at all, yikes. Although I will say, I had to drink miralax this year for mine and it was a million times better than the huge prescription bottle of grossness I had the previous time. It seems like the OTC stuff sucks less than expected?

Yeah, I think it is suppose to be ok. When my wife was doing it, it was hard for her. She had the gastric bypass done recently, so it was hard to chug a whole bottle so fast. So didn't say it was really nasty. I hope it will be ok. :)

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Week 1 recap = Not so great, but at least some progress made ;)


Goal 1 - Sleep

Hit and miss here. I did read on all but one night. The problem was, I was not consistent with my start times. And sometimes I went to bed late too. Apparently my fitbit was also not syncing up as well haha. 

One night I did get to sleep, but heard lots of coughing at like 2:30am. So I went to make sure my wife was still breathing and not needing to rush to the hospital. Turns out it was my older son. He was having stomach issue. That had me wide awake. I tired to get back to sleep, but just rolled around for an hour. I decided to read instead of getting up. I read until 8am haha. 

Day 2 and 3 I was on time. The rest I was not. Looking at the last few days was bad. even though I read. Even the start of this week has not been great.


4/14 points.


Goal 2 - Food

I actually did decent here. Better then sleep. I did have a couple of days of later dinner, so it was easier to resist late night snacking haha.

Day 1 no points for food or testing blood glucose. All the other days were full points.


12/14 points


Goal 3 - Movement

Big fail. Day 1 no point, Day 2 was great. got up and did squats. Other days were a no go. I did get up some to do things, but it wasn't what I wanted. A lot of this tied into my sleep. even days that I technically sleep 8 hours, it was bad sleep. Then getting up past 12, is totally a no want to do anything zone. Was thinking of changing this up a bit. Since my wife is now negative, I wanted to start getting outside soonish. Just waiting a couple more days.


8/52 points


Goal 4 - Comics and cards

Yeah, big fail here too. I go boards and backs ready on one day, but then it was the same for exercise. Late waking and bad sleep is just a no do anything zone.


2/14 points


Grand total of 26/94 points.  27%


Well, it was 27% better then I did the week before haha.


Week 2 started off decently bad so far. Yesterday was a a later night to bed again. Food and blood testing has been going well. Exercise, sleep, and comings nothing. I still have the chance to get to reading and sleep tonight though, and I shall :D I think the rest of week 2 I will attempted to do better with week 1 goals. Then I can change things up for week 3 hopefully.


Another side note. Mental place got flushed a few hours ago. My little brother sent me a text. I'll spoiler for anyone that doesn't want to read.


My Brother's text to me "So you are just going to let me die {insert my name}" Then he recalled a message, but it was still in my phone notifications saying he was going to kill himself on the 1st if he didn't hear from me, my sister, or my dad. Then two messages I can't even read, because they are just a garbled mess of letters. I sent him a log message. Told him to call the suicide prevent line and not to argue, just fucking do it. Talk to them. Ask them if they have resources to help him etc. I also told him I don't want him trying to guilt trip this shit to me like it's my fault. Then stuff about homeless programs in his area. The Calworks welfare to work program that can give him assistance in getting work and/or training for jobs. They can also help get him in contact with service to help him too. I told him to reach out to social service, even the police to ask for help. Of course, this is all things I have done before. He won't do the shit for himself. He just want me to let him live with me or something, and that will not happen. I won't get into it all, but he has done some really fucked up things. That is not coming anywhere near my place of living. Still, I love him. He is my brother. I mean, he really burnt bridges with my Dad. Though my Dad is not saint either. Just some family drama I don't need to get into. But he basically said my Dad is dead to him. He had been kind of trying to reconnect with my Dad before shit really hit the fan for him, but my Dad wants no part of it. That leave my sister and I. So he pretty much has pushed it so far with my sister, that she blocked him on facebook, and recommended I do the same.  My brother actually responded pretty quick with



iit is ehat is us
im ok dont worry about it not trying to quily truo nobody just thought i had people who cared about me invthis 2orkd m and i dont so it itmswahat it us



I'm like is he drunk? on drugs? wtf. At least this one I can kind of sort of make out.  Then he sent me a picture of him and told me he loved me. I told him I love him too. It's just been like this for so long now. I don't know what he actually thinks I can do for him. All the service and such I tried to call for him in the beginning. They all told me that he has to call them. I just had seen the calworks stuff.  He messages me crap like this. It makes me feel like the worst person alive. I don't have money to help. We had bought him food in the past for him to pick up. We don't have money. This is his kind of MO though forever. Use people, then try to manipulate if he can.  I try to not let things bother me, but everytime it's just so bad for me mentally. I know shit is really rough out there, but I actually don't know how much he is really trying. Like he did at first. Had a job, then suddenly didn't have it. Of course he did nothing wrong, just like all the other times.


Anyhow, off to read before it's too late. Then bed!


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So I did get to reading, but then my son came out and started talking. I had to put back on the mask of "Everything is fine". My son wanted to talk about places we should move, and we started talking about fitness and such. He wants to lost weight and such too. Told him baby steps. etc. He talked about wanting to go up a hillside near us. He doesn't want to go hiking, but wants to do that haha. Kindle also decided I needed to software update while we were talking, plus it was now well past time to get to bed. So points for reading, but not getting to sleep on time.  Still had more messages from my brother. This time I could actually understand more of them. He feels like none of us care etc. Like if I didn't care, why would I be telling him to contact people and get help. Anyhow, sleep was at like 12:30 am. Not the worst. Too bad I couldn't actually get to sleep. Even thought I should take nyquil just to know myself out haha. Rolled around for a couple of hours. Eventually got to sleep. Woke up a bit early feeling like straight garbage. Stayed in bed, didn't really sleep. Finally go motivated enough to get out of bed at 11:30. Feel very meh. today is most likely a "ain't doing squat" day. At least focus to food and blood tests. Then reading and sleep tonight. Maybe I can get to more later.  Brain is just blah

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I don't have any words of wisdom, I just wanted to say I see you, I hear you and I'm sorry you're going through this with your brother. 


I'm proud of you for continuing to try to tackle your challenge items at all. Sometimes having that structure helps though, at least for me. 


Sending you good sleep vibes.

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sending hugs. 

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So I finally got to go bowling again :) Actually felt like I mostly did well. First couple games were not the best. Third and fourth game were much better. :) Overall, I felt great. A little sore now, but not bad.


Then on the way home, a parking spot opened up on the street, right near my apartment area. Felt like I won the day haha. Then I see I have messages from my brother.  The week has been rough for me. Not trying to make excuses, it's just how it is. I felt like I was starting to get a little bit going on Thursday. But then these message again. Next thing I know, I am up at 3am. Not really doing much. I was researching places to go. Really just doing shit to get my mind off things I guess. Went to bed, and all the things are going in my head. I think I got to sleep a bit after 4, but I was up a couple of times. This morning. my brain is going all in on the bad towards myself. It's not just shit with my brother, but it was a trigger for sure. Went from feeling great to this. Once again I reply to my brother. Then he messages me earlier about he just wants to see my sister and myself for 5 minutes, and he has gone days with no water or food. Says he walked out to the beach (which is like 10 miles), nothing to drink, and he thinks he is having a heart attack because his heart is beating so hard. Then something about dirt under apartment. can't read it. I tell him call 911. I also ask why he can walk to the beach, but can't walk to the welfare to work office in town. They will legit pay him to work, or help train job skills, point him in the direction for homeless help, even will give you clothes for interviews. He's not drank water, but can't walk into any fast food place, or store that has public bathroom and water fountains?


Is he dead someplace? Don't know. I suspect not, then I'll get another message about all the same stuff over and over. 


I feel like a horrible person, and all the other stressors have put me over the limit. It's nuts. I put on the brave face mask. No one else needs to see the shit. Everything is fine. Inside though, whew. Hey, what do you know, 3 am again. At least I had a small break talking with my oldest about places to move. Wanted to finish this post at least. I'll attempt to get to sleep, but laundry to be done in the morning, then off to the movies with the family.


Food was going ok, today not as much. No testing blood sugar either. It was hard enough to will myself out of bed. 


Just need to get myself out of the mental funk I let myself get in. I tried to be a goof forum member and visit a couple of threads. Maybe I can get to more tomorrow.  Maybe I can try to find work too. Shit, I should really look for my own therapy, but that has it's own set of things/feelings.  Bonus points at least for not completely nope'n out of the challenge 😛 

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I'd say, it wasn't the best. Had a couple of laughs though, but others were probably better to me ;)  Still good fun with the family, then had some fun with a few friends online running mythic plus dungeons in wow :)  Stomach has not been happy with me, but hopefully I get past that quick enough ;) 


Oldest son is saying more that he wants to lose weight. We have also been talking more and more of trying to move someplace. It wouldn't be for a year or so, but it might be motivation enough for him to start getting healthier habits. Maybe this weekend we can start out with some smaller walks around the apartment area

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