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.TIFFs Small Steps - Living Better for my Little Man and Myself.

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So it's been quite some time since I was active on the forums.  I started off this year quite well aiming to do better since my kido will only get more crazy moving forward (He is 2), focusing on small things that helped but didn't overwhelm me.  I added NF coaching to the mix and it all came crumbling down somehow.  Then I just let the slide backward continue for a bit.  So I am going to try my first approach and continue to add on at my own pace.


Current focus -


Water before coffee, and before I start a meal.  I am allowed seconds with no guilt but I must have another glass of water before I chow down further.


5 min of activity a day minimum. 


I actually love walking with the kido in a hiking backpack when it's nice enough out for him to join, if not I still get a 3 mile walk/jog in on Tuesdays, Roller Skating on Fridays and possibly one other day now that I have gotten my mom hooked too.  But with these I want to make sure that I am doing something daily, be it some pushups and squats, or practicing with a jump rope or my skates.


3 Adult beverages a week - don't care if they are oversized, still only 3


Fast Food only once a week


Those are my 4 weekly check list items for now.  Hopefully I can get these down before I start night classes and our exchange student shows up :D


Will do measurements soon, just didn't do it in the AM today.

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Yesterday I hit all my goals, my 5 min of fitness was more like 25 min of carrying my computer and desk down two flights of stairs.


Today has been another fairly solid day, I did a 3.7 mile walk, loaded up and then carried most of a bed and dresser up a flight of stairs, and put together the bed/dresser again and put it in place as well as built the desk for our guest room and put that in place.  So plenty of activity, plenty of water, fast food part 1 of two (though it was a turkey and cheddar jalapeno bagel, which is far better than a burger or my McDonalds breakfast of choice) is burned.  No beverages so far this week.

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Yesterday -


Hit water intake goal

My 5 min of activity was cleaning the basement, and doing some bodyweight squats while waiting for my coffee to brew (fighting a cold and yesterday was the worst day so far so I was really low energy)

1/3 adult beverages used


Today - 


Water good so far

5 min of activity - practiced with my jump rope 

A beverage or two will be had as it's date night with the Mr.


In general I have felt pretty bloated this week but that is due to the large increase in water intake, it'll calm down a bit next week as long as I keep things up.  Still hate having to wake up at 3 am and use the restroom, lol.

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Things have been a bit crazy lately which is why there was a major lack of updates so a quick recap -

What I have been doing well - water is still pretty on point, or at least way better than it had been.  And my 5 min of activity is going pretty strong too, I am helping my grandmother pain her house and still skating fridays so I have been on my feet a lot.


What I haven't been doing so well at - Drinks have been above the limit on the days I have drank, but I have only been drinking a couple nights a week.  Fast food has been more than once but still not crazy.  Mainly when I am in the middle of painting, ect it's just easier.



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I managed my 3 mile walk, a day of painting, and 2 skate nights last week so not bad active wise though I need to start keeping track of my "5 min"  better.

Dinks went over again, but I knew that was going to be a thing due to a birthday party I was attending.

Fast food wasn't crazy, I can think of 2 but one was a 6" sub from subway so not exactly a burger and fries.


This weeks goals - get back to tracking my 5 min of activity better, drinking at least 60 oz of water (even with crystal light) because that has fallen back a bit, and planning my drinks ahead of time so I can get closer to the number I want.

In other news, I have started plotting out my fantasy novel (my first attempt at one), and I start my third stained glass class Tuesday.  I am in the intermediate now so I am doing my own projects and trying to tackle new techniques and things.  Really hoping to get my first art fair/booth this year around Christmas, but I keep seeing all these Halloween decorations in stores and wanting to try some designs for it.



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