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I caught the tail end of the last one but this is technically my second challenge since I've become disabled 4.5 years ago. Keeping it the same as the last challenge-if I push it too far I'll end up making myself ill.


1. Workout at least twice a week. Just doing the warm up and cool down counts, what's important is consistently working at reversing the muscle atrophy.

2. At least 1000 steps a day, even when I've had a big day the day before and I'm exhausted. Should be easier now, my new walking sticks are steadier/more solid.

3. Leave the village at least once a week for something that isn't an appointment.


Started this challenge off with a bang-it was Pride this weekend and I went to a last minute dinner with my brother last night, so I'm a bit exhausted today, but proud of myself for making it through even if I did push myself too far and have a seizure in a restaurant 😂 don't worry I'm fine, it's normal, but I did freak out a waitress!

23rd: 4927 steps and Pride

24th: 3514 steps and dinner

25th: 1164 steps and just the warmup and cooldown.

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2 hours ago, SakuraKitsune said:

Go you! I love how positive you are! Warrior with a walking stick staff coming through! Go get 'em!

Thank you for your support! Yeah that's the goal, use my sticks for defending people instead of just walking 😂 honestly I've been housebound on a good day, bedbound on a bad for years so it's super easy to stay positive now I actually have a bit of health! I can leave the house and make myself food and do tiny workouts, my life is awesome 😁

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Hey, haven't heard from you for a while. Hopefully you've recovered from COVID?

Reading Challenge Thread 2022

“I've always believed that failure is non-existent. What is failure? You go to the end of the season, then you lose the Super Bowl. Is that failing? To most people, maybe. But when you're picking apart why you failed, and now you're learning from that, then is that really failing? I don't think so." - Kobe Bryant, 1978-2020. Rest in peace, great warrior.

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