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Hello from the mountains of East Tennessee

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I go by TJ, or Fox, or Teleona. I've even been called a few unsavory names at times, but haven't we all? Here's my story:


I use to be a runner way back. I could run a mile in 6 minutes. Then one day an unfortunate incident involving some ice left me with my leg broken in 3 places. It took something like 6 months to be able to walk again with a cane, and during those months my unhealthy eating habits left me at almost 300 pounds.


Fast forward about 3 years. I've managed to get down to 220 lbs just by controlling calories, still not really eating healthy. My leg still hurts constantly, which in my head is keeping me from working out even though it's in no danger of being broken again by working out. I've developed a permanent limp and some depression. I fall off the wagon and end up back at 250, but not what I was when I broke my leg so I don't worry about it too much. Work problems, family problems, and life in general are now holding me back.


Fast forward again to a year ago. It's my 30th birthday and I come to the realization that I'm not getting any younger, and moping about it isn't doing anything  but making the problems worse. Engaged and if I want to keep being around for my future wife and kids I need to do something. I try a few different workout plans, a few diets, nothing sticks, but I'm trying.


Then one last time skip. 2 months ago I find the NF Journey app. It turns everything into a game, and lord knows I love games. It's actually working. Without even realizing it I've given up my mountain dew that I drink constantly in exchange for water. I'm cooking my own food with proteins and veggies instead of going to the burger king a minute from my apartment. I've moved from barely being able to do a wall pushup to doing pushups 10 at a time at knee height. I can do AN ACTUAL SQUAT! I'm down to 225 but my body feels better than it has in years. My limp is still there, probably always will be, and my leg is a pain in the butt, but I can walk without the cane and the regular muscle spasms that cripple me for hours haven't happened in weeks.


I'm grateful for what NF has done for me. I don't know if I'll stay active on the forums forever, got that ADHD "OOH SHINY" thing when it comes to forums and such. Just wanted to share what I've accomplished with folks who've had similar experiences.

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On 8/5/2022 at 12:30 AM, Rookie said:

Well done! We are happy to have you here, even if it is only a fleeting moment. 

Glad to be here while I am. I might not stick around here forever but I still feel like I'm part of the rebellion. 

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