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salads, stretching & sensibility - no. 8

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Initial thoughts...


As I have a more active lifestyle, I'm finding myself updating here less and less. I'm even messaging my health coach and therapist less. I believe this is because I continue to solidify healthy habits and, most importantly, I'm internalizing everything I've learned. My healthy lifestyle is becoming second nature to me -- and I love it. :)❤️ So if you don't see me posting here as often as I did in the last challenges, this may be the reason why. Thank you NF for being part of my health journey! Sharing it with all of you has truly made a difference! 🤗

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I was able to walk over 10k steps for three out of the five days that I was in Orlando, FL -- in barefoot-like sandals. I'd switch to flip flops if my feet started to feel sore, but that was typically toward the end of the day. Then, I made it a point to stretch extensively before bed every night. My feet did great. I'm so proud of them and how strong they've gotten this year! ❤️ 👣

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These are serious milestones! Strong, flexible/mobile feet = strong=feeling foundation. Calf raises coupled with some simple foot/ankle mobility movements really made a difference in how strong I felt going up and down stairs.

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