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I chose to sign up for a clarity call yesterday for my 20 seconds of courage, but it took even more courage to have the conversation about possibly signing up for coaching with my husband.  He was pretty supportive, but reminded me that time is a huge issue for us, and he hopes that I can actually stick with it.  He was right, so that's definitely something I'll need to ask about in the call.  I hope it's something I can fit in "in the cracks" of my daily whirlwind life.


We did the six minute walk last night together, since I'm going to try to include him in my daily activities.  We're a team, and we do best when we do things together.  I hope he will be joining me in some of the coaching activities, also.


I didn't get to work on the quilt yesterday since we took a coworker to lunch since he's leaving the company.  He's been with it since the very beginning - 2013 - and he will be greatly missed.

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Well, I've been all over the place mentally since last week.  The call was Friday and I signed up for a year of coaching.  I took a big risk not taking it month by month, but I felt I needed to jump in with both feet.  I'm waiting now for the program to start, and I'm feeling anxious and excited.


In the meantime, I'm one workout away from my level 2 boss battle in Journey.  I'm feeling ready to step things up a bit, so I hope level 3 has some different and harder exercises.  I've been doing basically the same thing for all of level 1 and 2.


I'll probably finish the quilting part of the runner this week, and then I can work on the edging.  I also need to get the stand-alone piece ready for quilting as a wall hanging.  I'm glad I committed to this project, since it's relatively small and easy to complete in a short time.  Some of the other WIPs aren't going to be so easy.

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Loving the coaching so far!  My coach really feels like a great fit for my needs, and we're off to a great start.  I have confidence that this next year is going to be amazing!

  • I've been tracking pretty consistently the past week or so, and I'm not happy with my trend.  Carbs are up, as well as total calories.  I need to make some changes again.
  • I'm still doing my daily walking challenge, and this week it's been a 7 minute walk.  My walking partner (aka husband) has been joining me lately, which makes it a little more fun.  But when he's not available, I've been using this neat video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e04zAMupq7E
  • I finished the quilting portion of the runner, so today I will need to pin the binding.  I need a large flat surface, so I can't do it at work.  My desk isn't big enough.


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