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Waanie prepares for MAX-day


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Wow, okay, my mind has calmed down somewhat again. It's still crazy and restless, but at least I feel like I have a grip again. I decided to do my workouts on adjacent evenings this week, yesterday and today. Yeserday I skipped the pushing and staggered deadlift, today I will skip squats and possibly chin-ups.


Groceries are in, where tonight we will eat a traybake with brussels sprouts and sweet potato, and I got a bag of pre-cut carrots and onions ("hutspotgroente) to make a huge pan of "winter vegetables in tomato sauce with lentils" with. It's not amazing amazing, but it tastes pretty good and I'll have food for basically 3 days ready in half an hour.


I'm still not sure when I'll want to go shopping. I think that Thursday after work might be most convenient, but I'll be tired then as well. Today is just not going to happen unless clarinet lesson gets cancelled.


Anyway, I'm still getting in enough light exercise in the form of biking and walking, which is good. My diet leaves a bit to be desired on some days, but is generally not too bad either. The most important thing for me right now is to make a realistic energy-planning, but there are just too many variables to take into account to be able to do that realiably.

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On 10/15/2022 at 4:26 AM, Jupiter said:

Hey, Waanie, just checking in. Hope things are going well. :) 

Hi, thanks for checking in! Things are going well, although I'm still a bit tired from our orchestra outing (see below).


Sorry for not being here for a while! MAX-day was a great experience, the ambience is so nice and supportive :D. My weights were 75kg/45kg/110kg for squat/bench/deadlift, and I'm happy with those. I would have liked to have a heavier bench and deadlift, but I might have been overly optimistic about that ;).


Last week we went to Belgium for a week with our wind orchestra. We had a concert almost every day, I did some beautiful hikes with a smaller group and it was a lot of fun all around. Of course it was also exhausting, but that's life. Prep for that travel took a lot of energy as well, so I'm happy that life will settle into a normal rhythm again now. I took the rest of this week of to get some energy back and to get the chores in order (so much laundry!) and will start working again on Monday.


This morning I went to the gym again for the first time, and my strength was not bad at all. Now that there is no MAX-day to work towards anymore I'm not sure what my exercise goals will be, so I'll just go with the flow. I might start looking into losing weight, since A) my life is in a more or less stable mode right now and B ) I feel fat and my clothes are tight here and there. It's not problematic yet, but I think the time is right to ease into a lifestyle with fewer snacks and lots of cycling. It will also help me a lot with body control classes if I'm lighter.

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