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Into Day 2 of Leaving the Shire!


I stumbled across "Level Up Your Life" after hearing about Nerd Fitness in "Atomic Habits" and love the idea of gamifying the process of personal improvement and turning life into an adventure. More importantly, for me anyway, is I love the idea of having a community. I'm a fantasy and science fiction author, finally braving the world by putting my own name on my works, and making sweeping personal changes in my life. I accidentally (yeah, that's a long story) started the Keto diet AND intermittent fasting a few months ago, dropped a staggering amount of weight, and have been throwing myself into exercise and personal improvement since. This includes my writing! More on that later. Maybe. 


But my biggest problem? Writing is an isolating calling. Most of my social interaction comes from my part time day job, which doesn't really count as socializing. Frankly, days I come home from it I'm exhausted.


Supposedly we're a composite of the 5 people we spend the most time with...I don't actually HAVE five people. I've taken off on this adventure, found this group along the way, and have no real plans for landing. I don't think I even have a landing gear, so really, here goes nothing. 


I'm horribly introverted. I live most of my life in my own head. Feel free to visit sometime, it's pretty awesome! I love people, I don't always understand them, and they definitely exhaust me. That said, I want people in my life. Specifically, the kind of awesome, adventurous, downright nerdy individuals who make up this community. 


I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone, finding people I can perhaps meet up with in person, and have some adventures with!


Any advice anyone can offer me as a  new player to this game, especially about setting goals and leveling up with the character sheet, would be greatly appreciated. 

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Welcome to the rebellion. The best advice I can give for getting to know people on here is to write up a five week challenge and post it here:


Then comment on and follow a few other people's threads. That really helps you feel like part of the community. 

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Current Challenge

"By the Most-Righteous-and-Blessed Beard of Sir Tanktimus the Encourager!" - Jarl Rurik Harrgath

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Hello and welcome! I don't think I have five people either, not outside the internet anyway. But that's fine because that's not required. Landing gear isn't required either. That's why we have parachutes.


Before I forget, we have a group challenge themed on walking to Mordor and back, in the PvP forum. I did it a couple of years ago and it was fun.


We also have a number of writers, professional, amateurs' and dreamers who scribble occasionally (I'm in the last category). Again, welcome. you're going to fit right in here :) 

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The Great Reading Thread of 2024

“I've always believed that failure is non-existent. What is failure? You go to the end of the season, then you lose the Super Bowl. Is that failing? To most people, maybe. But when you're picking apart why you failed, and now you're learning from that, then is that really failing? I don't think so." - Kobe Bryant, 1978-2020. Rest in peace, great warrior.

Personal Challenges, a.k.a.The Saga of Scalyfreak: Tutorial; Ch 1; Ch 2; Ch 3; Ch 4; Ch 5; Ch 6; Intermission; Intermission II; Ch 7; Ch 8; Ch 9; Ch 10; Ch 11; Ch 12 ; Ch 13; Ch 14Ch 15; Ch 16; Ch 17; Intermission IIICh 18; Ch 19; Ch 20; Ch 21; Ch 22; Ch 23; Ch 24; Ch 25; Intermission IV; Ch 26; Ch 27; Ch 28; Ch 29; Ch 30; Ch 31; Ch 32; Ch 33; Ch 34; Ch 35; Ch 36; Ch 37; Ch 38; Ch 39; Ch 40; Intermission V; Ch 41; Ch 42; Ch 43; Ch 44; Ch 45; Ch 46; Ch 47; Intermission VI; Ch 48; Ch 49

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I feel you for sure. I've been working for a small business for the past ten years - and most of the employees were remote pre-pandemic. And with Covid and working from home - my already small social circle became even smaller.

Last year I resolved to try to get out there more so I volunteered for some new projects, and it was a total bust. Many of the people I met on the projects were super unfriendly and hard to work with. 😅

This week I'm starting a new job at a university - and I'm really hoping that it's a good fit and I get to meet some new people.  I had totally forgotten about Nerd Fitness - but when I was thinking about how to maintain my fitness with commuting and all that I remembered about it. So I'm back and essentially a newbie here too. 🙂

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Hi Gyrfalcon! I'm catching up after being away from NF for a long time. I'm sure you know by now that you're not alone! I'm an extreme introvert as well and at 50, I'm only now really coming to accept it. It has been such a relief, so empowering, to consider that maybe I'm not all that broken. 


This goes for all of you: DM me anytime. Let's chat!

Level 10 Ranger | Respawned
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