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[Darth Yoga] Weasel does 500 pullups!

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Maj. Posey's Pullup Plan has been in my "Programming" folder since the early days of this journey. It is a high volume, low intensity plan. Multiple short sets throughout the day. A "Grease the Groove" plan, as Pavel's folks say.


My max is currently 6 reps, which puts me just barely into the 2 reps training set range. That last rep maybe was too sloppy to count anyway. I've been testing it out these past two days, and I had to drop it to singles, to keep my form solid. (My shoulders are complainy enough.) So we'll put me in the 1-5 max rep level, which has a target of 90-180 reps per week, over 3-5 sessions a day, 3-5 days a week. That makes 500 reps for a five week challenge.


I currently feel confident doing five singles with very short rests between. 3-5 of those on most days seems very doable. 


This week I am just playing around with it before I firmly commit to a target. My week 0 challenge is to do 3 sets of any size each day and track how many 

Joshua - Yoga Ninja Weasel #22 Weasel does 500 Pullups

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Seriously considering bumping it up to 1000, and including this week in the total. We'll see if my elbows/shoulders are complaining this weekend...


I was planning on alternating overhand and underhand grip, but am finding that I have to mostly do an underhand grip because my elbows really don't like doing high volume overhand grip. So on 5 singles, I'm doing overhand grip on the first one or two. 

Joshua - Yoga Ninja Weasel #22 Weasel does 500 Pullups

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Nope. Keep it at 500, over five weeks. If I do more, I do more.


My elbows and shoulders are fine after doing 100 in the past five days, but remembering to do them throughout the day is a challenge all by itself. Despite having two pullup bars in the house. One in my bedroom. And I mostly work from home...


But being judgey at myself doesn't motivate me to do better, so, let's quit that line of thought.

Joshua - Yoga Ninja Weasel #22 Weasel does 500 Pullups

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Pullups done: 135/100

Morning yoga: 7/7 days



These don't count towards my total. Just calibration. I didn't always get my 3 sessions every day, but if I can get a minimum of two 5-rep  sessions each day, I can get three or four on other days to make my 100.


Sets of two are feeling more comfortable. For ease of tracking I am doing blocks of five. 1-2-2 or 1-2-1-1. Short pause between. The first 1-2 of each five overhand, then switching to underhand for the sake of my elbows. 


No specific goal for morning yoga beyond, do something every day. Scores listed are the same as last challenge, just for tracking purposes, but I am not worried right now about when I do the practice (before 9am =5pt) or if it is before breakfast (=5pt). 


I'm sticking with ONE GOAL AT A TIME for now. Next challenge will be nutrition related, and AFTER THAT maybe I'll have a challenge integrating two previous challenges.


Scratch that. After that will be January, and starting work full time at the tax office, on top of my two part time jobs. we'll see where I am at. 

Joshua - Yoga Ninja Weasel #22 Weasel does 500 Pullups

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WEEK 1: Success! 100/100

Plus yoga every morning. Good job!



Having done two weeks of this, I am confident 200/week would have been physically doable, but actually getting it done would be a challenge. I'm not at all sore or tired with this volume. It is just a hassel to remember more than twice a day, so there would definitely be night-time cramming with a 200/wk goal.


Doing a few sets in the morning and a few in the evening, nearly every day, seems like a pretty sustainable goal. 


Anyway, doing good.

Joshua - Yoga Ninja Weasel #22 Weasel does 500 Pullups

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