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thekatisalie :: lather, rinse, repeat

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I'm here! I'm back? Let's goooooo


I don't want to make challenge that is too complex, but I need... Help. I'm the heaviest I've ever been, and my body is sore and tired and limited.


I don't so much care about the number. I care that I can't do what I used to. That I'm tired all the time. That my mobility is starting to be limited.


Work from home had changed my body so much. So much more sitting and staying glued to my desk than ever before.


What are my goals?




1. Get 6,000 steps in 5 days a week (slowly increasing over challenges hopefully!)


2. Mobility exercises 3 days a week.


3. Lifting 5 days a week.


4. Journal 5 days a week.


It's a simple start but these are the things I need to make space for again and I need some accountability to help hold me to the fire.


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