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NeuroPunkNonsense Tries to Stay Sane

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Main goal is maintaining daily walks of 30+ minutes. (This will be less than fun given that we've finally gotten snow).

I also have a bunch of stuff to do for upcoming holidays:

  • my best friend and my dad both have birthdays this week - need to bake a cake for my dad this week and one for my friend next week
  • getting my most recent tattoo touched up on the 4th
  • have to buy a gift for my cousin's baby daddy as per the family gift draw (I have never met him or their kids lol)
  • need to coordinate with my brother to put together stockings for our parents
  • need to buy gifts for my parents, brother, and cat
  • I want to make a Yule wreath this year


Other things I would like to do (but may or may not):

  • read for an hour everyday
  • work on improving my posture (maybe it'll help my chronic neck/shoulder pain and constant low-grade headaches?)
  • figure out how to stream (complicated by having a single monitor)
  • finish rearranging my furniture (need help - bookcase and entertainment stand too heavy/awkward to move easily on my own)
  • find a way to reduce my current feelings of loneliness
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Went for my walk yesterday. Between poor sleep (less than 2 hours) and the snow (only a couple inches maybe?) my usually 30 minute walk became a 45 minute walk and I felt very sick when I finished. It was a pretty day though.

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Tried modifying my walk today to account for the snow, it still ended up being 40 minutes. Additionally, I'm experiencing some joint and muscle pain that is atypical for me. Might have to substitute out a walk tomorrow with a 30 minute yoga session. Had a couple slips and near falls today that weren't optimal. (Hazard of walking on snow along the side of the road to avoid cars/icy pavement - sometimes you step unknowingly into a pothole).

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I had no energy today. Another poor sleep. Didn't walk or do yoga. Just finished baking my dad's cake for his birthday tomorrow. the batter came together well and looked and smelled good but it took longer to bake than the recipe suggested it would. I'm too tired to finish it tonight so I'll glaze it in the morning. It'll be properly cooled by then anyway so it's all good.

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On 12/11/2022 at 4:22 PM, Tanktimus the Encourager said:

Did you ever glaze that cake?

I did, it went over well. Also managed to do my friend's cake later in the month. 

My sanity apparently required me to take a massive amount of down time and basically disappear for the month. Finally went for another walk again today now that the rain has washed away most of our ice and snow.

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