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Deffy's 2023 Road Map: On A Roll

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2023 Road Map – On A Roll




Hey Yeah Wah – ho! I’m on a roll. Riding So High, Achieving my Goals!


Hello there! I am Deffy and I have been here for aaaaaaaages. Nice to meet or you have you along again, whichever the case may be! I live with my boyfriend who I refer to as TH. It would make sense if this stood for “The Husband” or something like that but it doesn’t, it stands for The Heron for reasons known only to TH himself because I asked him how he wanted me to refer to him on here, out of infinite options, this is what he went for.


I always make a road map and then just do what I do anyway but this time I am following Shello’s example and this will be the underlying theme running in the background of all my challenges this year so there is a thread keeping it all together. At the end of every challenge I want to check in with these goals to see how I am progressing against my overarching goals as a way to keep myself on track and my eyes on the prize.


Goal One – Stick to calories 265/365 days of this year.


Shello had something like this last year and I think it’s a great idea. When I was thinking of how I was going to track my goals and what motivates me, I always return to streaks and the type of built in flexibility that makes abject failure difficult so I’m less likely to put myself out of the game. There are days I don’t want to have to stick to calorie goals and there are days where it is impossible to stick to calorie goals. But if I am generally aiming for daily success I will achieve my weight loss goals and I’d really like to lose 35 lbs this year.


Goal Two – Finally complete my 3 x 30 exercise streak


I made it all the way until the 22nd December in 2018 with my streak intact but a day of moving house completely wiped me out and I had zero in the tank to complete this goal. I have tried for it and failed it every year since for different reasons but this is my year. I have a much more sensible work schedule now that I did this time last year, meaning I can train on work days as well as weekends so it should be a lot easier for me to attain. Walking and yoga count towards overall fitness minutes however they only count as part of the 3x30 if I am poorly or injured and there is no alternative. 


Goal three – Save Money


I have a savings target so let’s call this X. I like to be transparent with all my goals but it seems crass to speak this one out loud, especially during a cost of living crisis so although it is very much a specific goal it will remain vague for the purposes of this site. There’s nothing wrong with spending our money but we’re wasting too much. I’m allowed to spend money on myself but only if I have earned it through Boom or Bust. All other money MUST go into savings on payday, with the exception of the Fun Pot I set aside each month and the buffer I keep to top up BoB penalty money to hit the minimum deposit into my long term savings account. All leftover Boom or Bust money can go into my short term savings account so I can save up for bigger fun purchases. All left over money from the household and fun budgets gets moved to either short or long term savings, it’s up to me.


Goal Four – (almost) no takeaways.


2017 was my most successful year so far with all my goals and the ban on takeaway foods was a big part of this. I can buy food to eat in an establishment but if I am buying food to bring home and eat here there’s no fucking point. I have food at home and I’m a pretty good cook even if I do say so myself. We’re allowed one takeaway per month, usually on payday weekend just so we can track it properly but nothing other than that, and even that cannot be ordered in, we must go out and fetch it.


Goal Five – Boom or Bust


This is a re-rerun of my Boom or Bust where my daily success on my goals determines how much money I can spend on myself. Every new challenge I tweak 7 daily goals and how I perform on these determines how much of my weekly £100 I can spend on myself, with the failure percentage having to go straight into my long term savings account. This year, I can spend no other money on myself, and if I want something that costs more I have to save up for it with my weekly BoB earnings which will be kept in a separate savings account.




On an earlier challenge I had a goal to eat 30 different plants a week and I really loved focusing on this – it helped keep my eating mostly on track and I ate brilliant, healthy food. I want to eat 30 plants every week this coming year.


Goal 7 – Deliberate Home


I would really like to be one of those people that has a really organised home, where there is a place for everything and everything is in its place. I have always had a little corner of mess somewhere in the house – a pile of stuff I just don’t know what to do with and a lot of it I haven’t touched in years so the question of whether I actually need to hold onto this stuff at all has to be asked. By the end of the year I want to be able to walk through my house and think “yes, I put that there intentionally because that’s where it lives or I like how it looks” so I will do it room by room.


And there it is, my plan for 2023. Usually by now I am raring to go and feeling really balls against the wall about things but this time there’s just a sense of peace and gentle knowing that success is entirely in my hands.


So full of ambition and verve, I'm going to get what I deserve.

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1 hour ago, deftona said:

a sense of peace and gentle knowing that success is entirely in my hands.

Beautiful!  I love your roadmap!  

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On 12/28/2022 at 5:16 PM, deftona said:

Usually by now I am raring to go and feeling really balls against the wall about things but this time there’s just a sense of peace and gentle knowing that success is entirely in my hands.


Love this attitude. Gentle, deliberate consistency is the way. A river cuts through rock, not because of its power, but because of its persistence*.


*According to a motivational quote I found on Google

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