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Mahalak's Back in the Saddle Again...Again!

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Totally fell off the NF map in 2022, but more importantly, not off the cliff when it came to many of my goals! After a few too many health things, including closing out the year getting over COVID, I'm ready for some new beginnings.


Body: I want to continue to cement my fitness goal as functional movement and increases when they come, rather than the more unhealthy cultural goals I implicitly hold.

A. Continue 2-3 strength workouts per week; continue daily walks

Goal: Introduce a flexibility program 3 times per week.

B. Became too impulsive.

Goal: Limit fast food, aiming for no more than once per week; fruit and/or vegetable per meal



Goal: Daily reading, professionally and leisurely


Spirit: continued contemplative prayer

Goal: New daily devotional pattern of reading and prayer


Bonus Goal: I have begun a writing project. Spend three days a week, minimum, an hour each day.


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*Member of 2018 Hogwarts House Cup Championship Team*

If you're walking down the right path and you're willing to keep walking, eventually you'll make progress. -Barack Obama

Anyone who moves on, even a little, walks like Jesus on the water. -Antonio Machado

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How are things going?

Sunrunner | LVL 4* 153/195 (78%)

“It was difficult to think about worshiping God when so many things were going wrong. Or maybe, she thought, this is the most important time to pray.”
Trisha White Priebe, The Glass Castle


Books in Progress: Just as I am (8%), Circles of Seven (2%)

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