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Ike takes the lead...

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First challenge of the year!


Simple goals to... take the lead ;)


This year, in general, would be primarily focused on fitness and business goals. As secondary goals, I'm growing my mind (learning) and looking for fun activities to do "just because".


1. Fitness.


I have now signed up for a half marathon in July additionally to the Spartan Super in March. Will also be running a Spartan Sprint in April, although I haven't signed up for it yet.


Need to really focus on training and proper eating in order to avoid dying during the races.


- Salad jars 6x week.

Will prep batches of 3 on Sunday and Wednesday each week. That also probably means doing a (small) grocery run midweek.


- Veggie scramble breakfast 6x week.

Chopping spinach and onion, and freezing for the week, every sunday.


- OTF 4x week.

Ideal days would be Mo, Tu, Th and then either Fr or Sa. In reality I'm aiming to go daily and accepting that there will be some missed days. I'm also pairing the treadmill distance achieved each session with the LotR Conqueror Challenge to add a gamified aspect. 


- No sugar and no soda.

Probably the hardest one. Need to do regular "pantry cleaning" to make sure there is none available at home. Also, going out or ordering food is an important entertainment activity at home. It's ok to do so, as long as I stick with options similar to Salad/Scramble for it.


2. Business.


Want to launch a software-based side business. For that, I need to re-learn web programming.


- Finish the Front-end developer syllabus (6 online courses).

Will schedule 40-60mins daily to study and program. Still need to test if this is more viable before or after lunch. Probably after.


3. Mind.


- Finish the 4th section of my personal development course.

No rush here, but the course is long overdue and I'm already paying a subscription for it. Will try to listen to the lectures instead of mindlessly scrolling in IG.


4. Fun


- Trail hike on 15th January (already scheduled).

Already found a hiking guide and paid for the trip. It's in a forest around 40min away from home. Just need to wait for the date to come and go.


- Move forward reading The Silmarillion.

Reading in bed before sleeping instead of watching TV. No rush on it.

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Progress is success.


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