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Aquarii: The Bladesinger recovers...again

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Hey everyone! It has been a few challenges. I was going to do a challenge last round, but then I had a bunch of social commitments with work and family, and then I got covid, and it has taken like 2.5 weeks to feel relatively normal since getting covid...so...here we are.


My focus this challenge is to focus on mental recovery and slowly building my stamina and strength back up.


On the mental side, my psyche feels like it is in tatters. I need to take more breaks, set aside distractions for a few minutes to reflect, make sure I am working on building focus and time management skills so I am creating enough time for fun and play and things that help recharge me.


On the physical side...I was just starting to work on building back into a workout routine after an injury and finishing up the semester knocked me out, and then covid just wrecked me. I barely left bed for days and it has been 2.5 weeks and my cough and cold symptoms are just now ALMOST gone. I feel like my energy levels are almost back to normal, but my stamina and strength took a hit. So, I am going to start slow and go from there.


My goals for the challenge:


[STR/DEX/CON] Get in Movement daily - this can be walks, workouts, stretching, whatever. It can be an hour even just five minutes, duration does not matter. It is just about showing up and moving.

[INT] Read 2 books

[WIS] Meditate 5 min per day 

[CHA] Practice a musical instrument 4x per week (options are guitar, bass, piano, or music production suite)


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Chaotic-Neutral, Elven Bladesinger (Apprentice): Level 1

Current Stats: STR 11 || DEX 11 || CON 12 || INT 15 || WIS 15 || CHA 12

Goal Stats: STR 14 || DEX 17+ || CON 14 || INT 18+ || WIS 18+ || CHA 14

"To dare is to lose one's footing momentarily; to not dare is to lose one's self". - Søren Kierkegaard

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You're back!


Main goal:  no more COVID.

Secondary goals: all that other stuff.



[Level ??] Rurik, the Wayfinder

Class: Gloomfall Gunslinger  (Artificer/Gunslinger)


Equipment: The Alchemist greatcoat armor, Longshot adventuring rifle, Slicer & Dicer dual blades, with adventurer's pack containing an alchemist's kit.


"Rangers have to at least give up on pants. It's a special rule we enacted after Rurik became a Guild Leader.” – DarK_RaideR

"Did I just get my ass kicked by a member of Metallica meets History Channel's Vikings?" - Wild Wolf

"By the Well-Oiled-and-Meticulously-Groomed Beard of Rurik!" - Tanktimus the Encourager

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