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1. Log all my food, no matter how horrible.

1.1 Begin incorporating more protein and vegetables 1.2 Start reducing anything that doesn't make me feel good


2. Move!!

2.1 FeelGood Plan workout Mon-Wed-Fri + fun activity Sat

2.2 Walk the dog at least 1 mile every Mon-Wed (Thurs-Sun high potential to be out of house)

2.3 Yoga on rest days and workout days as needed for extra stretch/cooldown


3. Journaling!

3.1 Scripting journal with gratitude, mantra, 3-6-9 manifestation, and one step forward

3.2 Daily journal, dear diary style to get down all the thoughts


So far, on Jan 10: 10/10 days completed!

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Day 2 here, Day 11 overall. 


1. Logged food yesterday. I'm finally getting my lunches down! They're filling enough to get me through until dinner but they aren't a giant calorie bomb that makes me have to eat like a bird at dinner and go to bed hungry. 


What I noticed: Dinner is usually cooked by someone else and it's delicious. I need to plate my own food instead of allowing others to do it. I'll eat the entire dang thing. 

I also noticed my afternoon hunger isn't really hunger when I get my lunch right. It's a habit and maybe a bit of boredom. Mornings usually have more going on to get me close enough to lunch that I can battle that. Lunch to dinner is usually juuuust work and it's easy, while waiting for an email, to go grab food. Nope. Not anymore. 


2. Completed my FeelGood Plan workout this morning. It's 15 minutes long so I try to do something else. It's supposed to be 83 degrees and sunny today so definitely aiming for a walk with the pup. Yesterday's walk was 2 miles to the mailbox and back (and then a little extra to make it 2 miles even) but not sure if I'll do that again with higher temps and not much shade for the pupper. I might also do a yoga for sleep practice before bed to relax. See if that helps me!


3. Journaling/scripting complete! 11 days of it and going strong. I'm really getting into it now and I NEVER was a journaling type. 

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Day 12 


1. Logged food. Was very thankful for finding a delicious filling lunch that is low in calories. It was 83 degrees and sunny yesterday so we decided to go out to eat at a restaurant with an outdoor deck for eating to enjoy the day. Might as well since today is cold! I ate half a personal brick oven pizza with some added protein and veggies. I had more than enough estimated calories in my food log to account for that and a single drink. I mindfully chose to have both and I feel absolutely no guilt. That's a win in itself! I weigh daily to get a trend and I didn't gain! I didn't lose, but honestly, I've always been one to gain after pizza night. I stopped eating after 1/2 pizza and waited only to feel full a few minutes later and I was very happy that I was mindful enough to do so and not overeat. I also savored the pizza and drink so much more than I would have otherwise. Tiny changes can mean so much! The body will change once the lifestyle changes. I'm trying to focus on the habits, how I feel, and what I'm capable of with less on how I look/scale trends/etc. 


2. I went for a 1 mile walk with the pup between work and the stepson getting home from work to soak up sun, get some extra movement, enjoy nature, and use up time. Spent the rest of the time waiting for stepson reading on the back deck, soaking up the warm January weather while it lasts. 


3. All journaling/scripting completed, per usual. Nothing much to report here other than I did it. I'm getting a good routine and I'm reading articles here and there regarding scripting and 3-6-9 manifestation to tweak my methods to what works best for me. I'm feeling more comfortable and finally understanding why people journaled! I've now gone from someone who couldn't journal for 2 days to someone who looks forward to and is excited to get to my journal first thing. A win in my books!

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Haven't gotten my workout done today YET, but all else is on track! Not much time to check in so this will have to suffice. will likely have to divide workout into movement snacks today but I'll find a way to get it done ❤️


Also, got a new puppy last night so lots of extra motivation to get outside and go for walks!

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Missed a few days due to being away from my computer on the long weekend. 


Lots of movement but lots of not so great eating (its either don't eat for 3 days or eat fast food... I tried to make sensible decisions though)


I also tried to log it best I could and be mindful of portions. The movement helped, though, I'm down half a pound over my 4-day weekend despite all the fast food. 


Scripting was done but rushed and non complete. I did manage to script fully yesterday, though. New puppy (Smoke) went and got neutered so I was home with the older puppy (Harley. she's 5... still a puppy and a very jealous one at that). I didn't complete Friday's workout as planned (though I far surpassed my exercise goal without it) so I decided "never two in a row" and did my Monday exercise plan despite it being my day off as well as took Harley for a walk so she's a little less jealous. 


This week will be interesting. I work this Friday (9/80s, every other Friday off) but BF's dad and brother will be here tomorrow morning. I'm nervous for my sleep schedule and workout schedule. They will leave me alone when it comes to work as they know better, but all else I'm unsure of. I've never met them and I'm quite nervous....

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No workout yesterday as I cannot take the new pup (Smoke) for a walk so soon after surgery (he has follow up for second set of shots and see how he's doing recovery wise next Friday so 2 weeks without walks! Eek!) I can't take Harley without Smoke, either. Boo hiss. Going alone will NOT work as I tried it with Harley a couple months ago and it did not go over well.  It was a rest day, anyway, so not terribly worried. Will have to find alternatives tomorrow for the rest day. 

Today I did get my 15 minute workout in this morning despite not wanting to wake up and do it. I didn't allow myself to sit down or do anything but grab water before I started. That was the key. If I had procrastinated in anyway, I might not have done it. No yoga, though. Will have to figure out how to keep Smoke away from me while doing ground work without locking him out and waking up BF with his whining. He'll learn, it's growing pains right now.  Harley knows better and he'll learn from her eventually.


Food wasn't great yesterday. I ate breakfast because I was very hungry early. Then realized without a workout, I didn't have enough calories for lunch AND dinner so I had a few snacks for lunch but they were not very healthy options. Then, by dinner, I was so hungry I went back for seconds. I give myself credit there, I ate slower than I normally do, finished my food and sat there for several minutes and THEN went back for another bowl. Unfortunately it was chicken alfredo and no veggies involved. It put me over calories by 150. The scale shows it today, too. 


Scripting is done, to completion yesterday and thus far today. I have 3-6-9 manifestation that requires a check in at lunch and dinner then a little "what did I do today to help me move forward" reflection for before bed. I haven't completed my journal daily planner thing yet. I rather like doing that later on to write out some of what happened through the day to release it. Scripting to manifest and put into the universe what I want and how I want my day to go. Journal to release what happened during the day so I can go to bed with a little bit of a cleaner slate than without it. 



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I'm here still, just wasn't able to check in. 


Journaling has been good. I've managed every day. I had to leave my journal behind on an overnight this weekend but I scripted the morning before we left and made mental notes of the afternoon and evening prompts (I took a picture to remind myself so I didn't miss anything). We were back by lunch the next day and I did all the journaling just a little delayed from normal. All completed! Every other day it was a matter of making sure I came into my office to sit and write it out while I drank my coffee. 


Workout yesterday was postponed until today as I had some things going on which interfered. It was a conscious decision and I did the workout this morning to make up for it as today was designated as a rest day anyway. 


Food hasn't been great. Between having guests and food schedules being off, to having fewer options for lunch and no control over dinner, I simply did my best. I've restocked now that guests are gone and have ideas for lunches this week full of veggies! Also, back to logging today to keep a mindful eye. I track more for awareness than to be super strict. I've found I'll go very off track if I don't write it down. 

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Journaling is back on track, as normal. I'm really into it and am beginning to look forward to journaling which has never happened before!


Did my workout again today. I'm caught up! Tomorrow is a rest day. Thankfully they're only 15 minute body weight workouts so 24hrs between them is enough so long as I rest after 2 in a row. Once these become a tad easier, I'll amp it up. Still 15 minutes, but level up the challenge within them.  It'll happen within the next couple weeks if I can keep on keeping up! I've only missed ONE workout since the new year and I'm super duper proud of that.


Food is good! I made a giant cobb salad I've been munching on for lunches. I ate some yesterday and then more today. I have just enough for tomorrow's lunch, too! Plus plenty of leftover salad fixings to make another, I'll just have to find another alternate protein source to supplement the eggs (current is leftover chicken  breast from Monday's dinner). Dinner last night, much to BF's dismay, was taco salad (because he didn't realize I could make taco tuesday dinners into salads and dared me to make him eat green things at dinner. I win. No big deal or anything). Tonight is something we've never had so I'm excited. I pre-logged the protein since I know what that is. I'm not sure what BF had in mind for sides but I have about 400 calories left before I start eating into my deficit so I should be good. 

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Journaling done for the day (minus afternoon and evening portions). I finally remembered a dream well enough and long enough to write it down! I've been working on that (though can't say I'm confident in my methods at all as I've done absolutely ZERO research on how to better remember dreams)


No workout today as its my designated rest day. Especially after working out 2 days in a row. I still am focused on getting up and walking around through the day to get steps up. I can't wait until tomorrow to see if the pup, Smoke, is healed enough from surgery to start up evening walks. Harley will be happy, though I'm not sure she'll be as happy when she realizes the pup has to go with us (she and I haven't been because the whining is intolerable if I try to take Harley and leave Smoke. The destruction (or attempt thereof) and whining from Harley if I go without her is NOT allowed. Therefore, we all suffer together. Solidarity, right?) I'm a little nervous, if we get cleared, to see how he is going to do. Harley isn't exactly the best on walks, but we have an agreement together and she's fairly well behaved due to that. Plus, I've never tried to walk and train a pup while having another dog around. Guess time will tell. Hopefully walks are allowed, though. I'm struggling to meet 5,000 steps a day at this point. 


Food is good. I splurged on a small slice of my homemade strawberry swirl cheesecake after dinner. I likely won't have another piece again before it goes bad. Scale reflected an uptick but not as bad as it normally would after a lactose-bomb like that. Yay for pre/probiotics! 

Today I'm not sure dinner. I have the last little bit of cobb salad that's already assembled. No workout means lower calorie intake so I need to be mindful. 

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