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Jié Xī and the Coat Zipping Quest, pt. 1

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Jié Xī ( the rebel formerly known as Magdalena Ravenclaw) attempts her first 12 Week Year (over the next 3 NFR challenges).


Shortly before the New Year, I discovered the book, The 12 Week Year. While I am applying it mostly to business goals, I am also going to use it to attempt to achieve my fitness goals. I have to have a Week Accountability Meeting (which means log in here at least weekly and report on my progress). It is also suggested to have a Daily Huddle (which would be logging in daily just long enough to say if I accomplished the previous day's goals). 


Main 12 Week Quest : Zip My Coat(s). 


Not sure what weight/pounds that will be, but I am trying to focus on something less abstract and more profitable than seeing a number on the scale.

I like coats the way many women like shoes. But I've gained weight after 2 kids (now 4 and 6) and though I lost 30 of the 60 gained during pregnancy, I'd like to get

the rest off and get back into most of my nicer clothes. But, I recently realized why I have failed at my weight loss attempts for the past 4 years. It's because I am no longer fat / in the obese category as I was for 4 years. I'm not thin by any means (I'm in the overweight category), but I don't hate what I see anymore in the mirror, so the discomfort of not snacking or enjoying pizza does not outweigh the discomfort of not liking my reflection. So in other words my "long-term vision" (lose weight) which is suppossed to keep me motivated and  focused on my goal (of not snacking) isn't working because my actual goal is "don't be fat" and I achieved it. 


With that in mind, my new goals are more fitness oriented. I will be 45 this year, and while writing my 5, 10, and 15 year vision (for 12 Week Year) of who and where I want to be, I realized my goal is to maintain (or up) my current level of fitness. We went to the zoo the other day, and while my mom and MiL went to the restroom, I ran up and down 3 flights of stairs. I want to be able to do that at 50, 55, and 60. I don't want age to stop me at anything fitness-wise. So, I need to get stronger and more flexible (which is part of this 12 week year goal) and then maintain that level of strength and flexibility. But working on that should by default help me achieve weight loss as well and so my goal is to be able to zip my puffer coat and button my 2 wool coats. Maybe, I will take pictures of how much they won't close.


Side Quest/Warrior Goal: Do one complete pull up (or chin up).


I've never done either one in my adult life (now in my 40's), and I have an old shoulder injury in the left and new shoulder injury I've only just recovered from in the right. So, in the event that a pull up is unrealistic to achieve in 12 weeks, I am leaving myself the chin up option.


Also, I usually get up from the floor by doing split squat, putting both hands of my front knee, and pushing up with an old lady groan. No more. I watched a YouTube video on how to get up from the floor gracefully and have incorporated that into my lower body routine. The video pointed out that I have poor ankle mobility, so I will be incorporating an ankle mobility workout into my lower body routine.


Side Quest/Druid Goal: Touch my toes. 


I've never done this in my adult life either. From sitting, my hands are about just past my knees (wrists over knees). From standing, my back is flat as a table (would like for my chest to touch my thighs). Again, I have no idea if this is a realistic goal or not. But there is bound to be flexibility improvements if I actually do yoga 3+ days a week (compared to 3x a year, which is about the norm for me). Any improvement would be nice.


I have two yoga routines (one is a 10 minute full body, the other is a 12 minute leg and hip focus). I've also taken up Tai Chi Sword (I have two swords complete with tassels) and am really enjoying it. I tried a Tai Chi workout without the swords and it was boring / too slow. But put swords in my hands and I can do slow and deliberate like a boss, lol. But the TCS is not actually part of my goal. It's more a fun hobby that I took up that compliments my fitness goals.



Adulting is Hard. Jesus Helps. 

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Welcome back! I like your emphasis on fitness goals. I've struggled too with having my goal be to not be fat, and feeling like I've achieved it so bring on the snacks!😃

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So, I've not done very well logging in every day let alone every week. But I have worked out nearly every planned workout day. I have been working on my getting up from the floor, but I haven't googled ankle mobility exercises yet, nor have I designed a pull up routine yet.  


This week's WAM (Weekly Accountability Meeting):


Follow Meal Plan. 

Weight Workout Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat

Log in for Daily Huddle: State the day's goal and report on the success (or failure) of the previous day's goal.


I will try to remember to do this. 



Adulting is Hard. Jesus Helps. 

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