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NightWatcher13: Developing roots

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Hey all!



Haven't been super great about keeping up on here, but overall things have been going super well the last couple of months (details in spoiler)



 - I had my first appointment with my neurologist, who gave me more info on the stroke, what I should be doing for recovery (a lot of which I was already doing either inadvertently or intentionally) and he got me scheduled for a couple more tests tomorrow that should show if anything needs medical intervention, or if I'm good to continue forward with just the baby aspirin.

 - I got signed off at the new job, complete with a $3 raise from trainee pay

 - I got a breaker position, which will put me on a primarily day shift rather than my current swing shift and also allow for more learning opportunities.

 - The general culture at the new job is leaps and bounds better than where I was most of last year. 

 - I managed to enact the plan I'd already developed when I found out how much of a raise I was going to get coming here - I opened a new account at a local credit union specifically for debt payoff. I have an "allowance" from my paychecks set to go to my old account that's for bills/living/some fun money that's about what I was making at my last jobs, with the rest set to go to the new account to use the Snowball method on my debts - going from highest interest rate to lowest.

 - This current week is my last week with the online gym I was working with - which does mean I'll be loosing that very strong accountability system with a dedicated coach checking in on me, but also that system did support me well through the last 6 months and I think I'm in a place now where having the Y, my own stuff at home, and making an intentional effort to keep up in here on a weekly basis will be enough help moving forward - especially since I'm no longer in permanent survival mode from stress.


I'm super happy with how things have been going with my mental and physical health, but I do think I need to add more emphasis on actually checking in here to develop that memory muscle and help me develop a better accountability structure on here - since the main issue there has been me being bad at remembering to post on here 😅


Main Quest 2023 - Developing my Roots


Side Quest 1: Checking in - I'm going to find 2 times a week that I can schedule a check-in on here (Tapatalk has never worked on any phone I've owned, so I have to do this via computer unfortunately) to help develop accountability for myself here, and help others on here more with theirs by checking in more regularly on their challenges.

2 points/check in, 4 point max/week

Side Quest 2: Food tracking - I was doing fairly well with this last challenge, but during my last couple of weeks of training this went to the wayside. The main idea here right now isn't to change much, but to track and have a view of what's going in vs what I'm burning in theory, so I can have that data when I'm ready to actually strategize making changes.

1 point/check in, 5 point max/week

Side Quest 3: Exercise - I might make a dice chart for this at some point to help me make decisions for what to do, but I have:

 - 30 Days of Yoga that I want to go through 2-3 sessions/week

 - YMCA options (swimming, classes when they fit my schedule, weight room/indoor track)

 - VR exercise (especially BeatSaber and BoxVR for cardio)

 - I found out with QG that I actually really like Zumba if I can find some YouTube vids that work for that

 - Walking (with or without Zombies, Run!)

So I have no lack of options, but I do need to take some time to actively consider what my work out program looks like moving forward and how to fit this around my schedule now.

1 point/session, 3 points week (up to 2 bonus points available/week)

Life Quest: Reading - I'm putting this here in place of the crafting this round until I feel more grounded with it, I was getting more regular with it (keep up for a few days, miss a couple, catch up then keep up for a few days, rinse repeat) but did drop it entirely during my last couple of weeks of training up till yesterday. The Bookwyrm isn't going anywhere, but might not get picked up for a bit.

0.5 point/day, 3 point max/week



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Current Challenge: Developing Roots

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On 2/21/2023 at 10:13 PM, Elastigirl said:

Here to cheer you on!


On 2/22/2023 at 4:26 AM, Waanie said:

Lovely challenge, and I'm curious to see what your workout plan will end up looking like :). What are you reading at the moment?


On 2/22/2023 at 4:26 PM, Jupiter said:

Following. :) 


On 2/23/2023 at 8:59 AM, Chesire said:


Y'all rock :)


Waanie, right now I have The Daily Stoic (stoic philosophy bits) and On This Day in History Sh!t Went Down (a very irreverent but interesting look at something that happened that specific day in history), since that gives me a couple of pages with a daily marker on them to try to read - probably takes 5 minutes to read them both if I'm in a rush, but they're also something I can spend a bit more time reflecting on if I have a bit. Not this challenge, but soon I want to start adding a book or two off of my To Read list to the challenge to finish by the end of the challenge. But first - reading habit 😅 

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Current Challenge: Developing Roots

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... oh, right. The check in. The in of checking, checking in. THAT check. 

Week of Feb 20:

 - Checking in 4/4, had the original post and remembered to stop in here later that week

 - Food Tracking 3/5

 - Exercise 3/3, got a walk in early in the week then yoga two other days

 - Reading - 2/3 points, got 4 days of reading in

Week of Feb 27:

 - Checking in 0/4, i pulled out the computer and got distracted from it the entire time 🤦‍♀️

 - Food Tracking 0/5

 - Exercise 1/3, I got yoga in one day. Had a lot of movement in on other days, but no other actual exercise

 - Reading - 0/3 points, I think I actually had some reading in here I just also didn't track ANYTHING other than what FitBit caught this week so I have no records of it. 

Week of Mar 6:

 - Checking in 0/4

 - Food Tracking 2/5

 - Exercise 3/3, went for a long walk with my roommate from College for her birthday on Monday, then did yoga with a friend Friday and a solo walk on Saturday

 - Reading - 0/3 points, I actually did remember to use my tracker just didn't pause to read


I swear, I had the laptop out like 5 times over the last few weeks and kept putting it down to go deal with xyz other life detail. This week is going smoother so far though, aside from wanting a nap most of the day cause I'm on nights this week. 


So far this week, I got yoga in yesterday and a Zumba class scheduled with a friend Thursday night, and have a couple of days of food tracked so far.

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Current Challenge: Developing Roots

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End of challenge - I'm gonna do a pretty quick, surface-level check in here so I can get the new one made,  but:

 - food tracking was kinda 50/50

 - exercise overall went well, but I still need to get over to the Y more often & get the dice chart made at some point,

 - reading was very hit or miss but heavy on the miss - but still more reading than I was doing.

 - Checking in was the thing I struggled with the most, with some weeks literally pulling out the computer and pulling up the site several times but not actually getting anything posted. Why? No idea besides "am distractable".


Weight is actually down a total of 13lbs from the 265 where I started though, and overall things have been going well. Some life stuff just went super sideways last weekend though (will give a Spoiler in the new challenge), overall I'm going to leave the next challenge the same with one added thing - GET. TO. THERAPY! Cause that just went from something I need badly but is in the background to "I think my brain is stuck and broken right now  because <potentially triggering spoiler discussion on next challenge> and I need help processing"

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Current Challenge: Developing Roots

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