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Personal - need help though!

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So... I need help, I want to be a runner but I have issues and I'm thinking it's probably just bad habits that are causing this issue.

Not all the time but a lot of the time if I go out running or walking I end up having to go to the bathroom... not just peeing and sometimes it doesn't wait until I get home. It's so embarrassing and then I'm walking home and really feeling like I should crawl into a hole or something.

Should I not eat a certain amount of time before going out?

Is it what I am eating?

Eh I just don't know. I've had this issue now for years and in previous years it's been so embarrassing that I've just stopped exercising or at least stopped leaving my house.

I want to run, I want to run outside and if this continues to happen then I just don't know how I can run. Ugh even posting this is hard, as you can imagine. But maybe you guys can help. You're my only hope!

Desperate in Wisconsin!

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Your not alone, it happens to me too, and I must say it is so annoying. It has gotten to the point where I will force myself to at least do a pee (and I will try to do a poop if I feel like I might be able to do one) before I even think about going for a run. I haven't done much research in to why this is the case, but from what little research I have done (so don't take my word for it) I think it has something to do with the fact that running (or any type of exercising I guess) increases your metabolism which gets everything flowing. I would suggest maybe running pass bathrooms on your run, so that if you do need to go you can, or maybe going for a walk around your block (depending on the size) as a warm up so that if you do need to go, or even feel like you might be able to go, you can before you get too far from your place or a bathroom. But in saying all this I could be wrong, seeing as I am no expert in this matter, I have only done a little bit of research, and so far it has worked for the most part for me.

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Do you do Kegels? If not, add them to your daily workout.

You might do a mini-fast of several hours before your run... change up your running route so that you are near your home or some other safe restroom at least a couple of times during your run... Look at your diet. Is something causing intestinal issues? Lay off all sodas, and caffeinated drinks, as they can "move things" a bit faster than normal. Maybe try eating "clean" for a few weeks.

I'll admit, last night's 5k walk had me sprinting the last block home!!

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If it's a more chronic condition, then this advice might not hold - but think about making a food diary. It might be possible to isolate what causes this, or possibly how much time you need before running after eating. It may be that there is a specific time (early morning before breakfast?) which doesn't cause the issue.

For me, I found out the hard way that cheese sandwiches and running afterwards are not a good idea for me! Managed to sprint into a public toilet, but it *was* a sprint!


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It could be a wide variety of things. As everyone said, it could be something you're eating. High fiber and running generally don't mix but I do eat nuts right before to help me feel full.

Also, dehydration can cause some unusual stuff like the urge to defecate. After a hard run that's my first stop.

I'd take a look at your food, track it for a week and see if any patterns show up. It's the most likely culprit.

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THIS IS VERY COMMON and absolutely nothing to be embarassed about! Google "Runner's trots" to see just how common it is.

To avoid it, I try not to eat for 2 hours before my run and drink just a little (maybe 4oz?) just before heading out. Also, I try to route my runs past public bathrooms (some parks, grocery stores, big box stores like Target, and libraries are usually safe bets).

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i have learned that before any type of work out i must force myself to just sit on the can and make the magic happen. this pretty much goes for any trip outside too, especially long car rides. just drop'em and think about waterfalls.

and check out myfitnesspal.com if you deside to track your food, but i bet it's not that. its just one of those mental things.


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Quick Update:

Today I went on a run, and I thought about it before hand... which sparked the need to poo so I went, I was happy. Then I thought "I won't eat before hand and that should help". Off I went on my run, I got to the mile point (also where the bathroom is) and had to go, I was glad that I made it to the bathroom and got in there and sat down and went.. but I found out quickly that I hadn't been able to hold it quite. I had another accident. wah! Obviously my plan for today didn't work. I did have my phone with me today so I called my husband to have him come pick me up. Cleaned myself up and waited for him.

Now I just want to stay positive and hopefully be able to accomplish my goal of "Being a runner!" I am going to keep trying to find ways/times/foods that help/hinder this whole process. Perhaps thoughts that I can think/say to help my body not think about the big number 2.

Thanks so much for everyone's inputs here, I definitely feel a little more normal and not so embarrassed and ashamed. I also talked to my dad about it today too since he's run and thought maybe he might have some advice. I may have to keep my running close to home or always near a bathroom until I can figure this out. Anyways, I ran/walked a mile today! yay that's more than yesterday!

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Beth Risdon is a runner and a blogger who has become quite the "expert in poopology." That link is a post with her advice. Every body is different, and you might have to try a few things before you find out what helps and what doesn't. Whether her tips help or not, at least you know you're not alone!

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Just wanted to drop in and say that you're not alone! I've noticed that cutting down on sugar really helped me, and that the more I ran, the fewer problems I seemed to have. But I will still have some emergency bathroom stops. Don't get discouraged!

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Friends warned me that during my first half marathon, I'll probably need to go and it'll probably be messy - And the first toilet wasn't until the 5th mile! :ambivalence:. I was so scared I popped an Imodium right before the race. Didn't need to go at all :) Might be a short term solution to your problem until you can figure out what's making you need to go.

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