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salads, stretching & sensibility - no. 9

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My primary goal for this challenge is to reduce screen time and increase movement (i.e. physical activity). I'm personally nervous to do this considering how most of my life revolves around the screen, but I'm up for the challenge! Some baby steps I have in mind are:

  1. Scheduling movement on my calendar
  2. Incorporating reading in the evenings -- this can also help me reduce how much I passively eat while watching TV
  3. Baby steps -- I have to say this a second time to remind myself that this is key for me to make lasting changes!

Let's do this!

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On 3/15/2023 at 12:31 PM, W.L.K. Sarah said:

PR’d today


Welcome back *waves*


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"You're not in it to get Most [Recognized Rebel Ever]. You're not in it to be eligible for prizes. You're in this because you made a promise to yourself and you refuse to let you down. Walk the talk. And even when you don't talk much, make the walk so powerful that it leaves no room for questions - from inside or out." -note to self Str7.5 Dex6 Sta5.7 Con11.8 Wis10.4 Cha2 Intro post~Challenge 1~Challenge 2~Challenge 3~Challenge 4~Battle Log 1 Ranger Level 3


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