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I wasn't going to make a challenge because I have felt like there's no point since I end up just not following my goals. BUT there is merit in showing up. So I thought of a way that I can show up and still work towards things.  I am going to do a photo journal of my challenge. I will try to keep any beefy updates in my battle log. 


Photograph Nickelback GIF


My goal... 

Share photos of things I eat, any exercise I do, and things that make me happy and feel human.



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{Chase the wind and touch the sky; I will fly}


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6 minutes ago, Rookie said:

Lunch today

You ate the poor doggos for lunch?!

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We are not sinners trespassing in the garden of an angry God.

We are prodigals come home; fully seen and deeply loved.


Put together enough small wins over a long enough period of time,

and you’ll find yourself in high level gear fighting dragons before you know it.



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51 minutes ago, Sovalis said:

I love this idea! I am definitely here for snapshots into your life. 

Yay! I figured I like seeing snapshots of other peoples lives and I thought it was fun. Glad you like the idea.


51 minutes ago, Sovalis said:

Look at all those faces wanting your crackers! ❤️ 

46 minutes ago, Whisper said:

You ate the poor doggos for lunch?!




{Chase the wind and touch the sky; I will fly}


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Dinner! Pickled beets, quesadilla styled chicken fajitas



Waiting for her turn at agility ❤️ 



Post agility grapes snackie! I chose this over icecream. Small win. It's ok to have icecream but I don't need to always listen to my impulses.


Not pictured are 2 oreos and a handful of sour cherry gummies

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{Chase the wind and touch the sky; I will fly}


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Pre-Timmies walkie. We went further today :)



Practicing our commands while in motion lol ... This is her "middle" command.



The reward~



Lunch with my friend. The hot sauce was actually hot haha




Starbuckies... cause my friend had 3hrs lunch break haha.



Dinner. Polish potato dumpling things and corned beef. 





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{Chase the wind and touch the sky; I will fly}


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20 hours ago, Rookie said:


Superb picture! Beautiful dog! 👍

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Active challenges: Make work of working out | Walk to Mordor - (spreadsheet) | DailyDare | Weight Loss PVP 10/12 lbs in 10/12 weeks - (spreadsheet)

2023 threads: Challenge VIII | IX | X | XI | XII | XIII | XIV

2018-19 & 2021 threads: Battle log | Challenge I | IIIIIIV | V | VI | VII

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5 hours ago, Salinger said:

All the photos please :)


love love love


you and Winnie look lovely 🧡

Thank you ❤️ 


5 minutes ago, TimovieMan said:

Superb picture! Beautiful dog! 👍

Thanks! Love my new phone lol Pixel 6A

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{Chase the wind and touch the sky; I will fly}


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19 minutes ago, Sovalis said:

Oh, I want your sushi!!!! I have terrible sushi here, it’s almost a crime. 😅 

Still loving your photos! Thanks for posting! 

:) I have been wanting it for awhile. I even tried scratching the itch with $10 Walmart sushi (in my defense.. I thought it was going to be $7....). This sushi looks good but it wasn't very good haha but it was reasonably priced and it was good enough so we will take it. 


So glad ❤️ Some things are fun to take pics of lol Like the sushi haha

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{Chase the wind and touch the sky; I will fly}


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Aggressively jumped up to me 🤣 she makes me laugh



Dinner... this rice is so good and I have no idea how they do it 




Left overs for Breakfast



Rook cuddles ❤️






Poncho got puppy massages while I played fetch with Winnie. 




Going for a Tim's run with my bestie 






Pre car ride snackie



It's a rainy day so we went to Grandma's house and she got to see her auntie too



Post car ride snackie (leftover chicken cutlet from the night before)




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{Chase the wind and touch the sky; I will fly}


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image.png.9e1bb680ed14cc0fbccd07b3f6414edc.png image.png.410ac12aea2411a1707f0ab3f757b2bf.png 

image.png.ec6fbe4fa3ee77daa3797420dca5fbbb.png image.png.7ce91b6d35b794efad96fd3c6447b7a3.png


I feel some of these need captions haha. The Winnie picture is of her in her new big girl crate. I got that all set up for her and don't worry I made it cozier then it looks here. 


Those bicycle shorts made me happy so I bought them. So comfy. 



image.png.c4196f70c41eb2128075fbeefdd5ebc1.png image.png.4be68bfe3e8d5d525049a41ea5ced333.png 


image.png.12564dad720af8be1280b93942b50373.png image.png.cbd7da295066a8c79144fded175ee75d.png


Breakfast: Small iced capp, cheese tea biscuit toasted with butter

Lunch: Grapes, cucumber, Sandwich with sub sauce, sweet heat mustard, turkey, pastrami and tomato

Snacks: 2 oreos











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{Chase the wind and touch the sky; I will fly}


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