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mom2sjm gets ready for a new EDventure

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Gotta get into shape for a new EDventure.  I'll be heading back to the classroom as a lead teacher after 20+ years as a SAHM - teaching 1st grade this fall (23-24 school year)!   


There's no way I'll have the energy and positivity needed to do this job at my current weight.  Additionally, I've been dealing poorly with a couple health issues that are related to my weight gain that I can't keep ignoring.  


For this challenge I am going to focus on cleaning up my diet, increasing my activity, and establishing daily "work" routines.

1.  soda - replace soda.  drink water w/caffeinated crystal lite packets instead.  I tend to drink more alcohol and eat junky when I drink soda.

2.  no drive thru.  not only does it lead me to soda, it's just no good for me.  keep a food log.  where can I do better?

3.  add a daily walk.  I think walking is my best bet with my current shoulder pain situation.  I will begin PT in a couple weeks to work on that so I will have HW exercises/stretches.  daily walking is going to help me build my endurance to spend six hours a day with twenty 6-7 year olds...

4.  go to the library and do my studies (at least 3x days M-F).  when I do my studies for my MEd program at home, I get so distracted.  establishing this routine will help me transition to going back to work - getting up, getting dressed, planning my day, etc. 

5.  chore journal.   I think I need to keep a journal, otherwise I can go days without doing anything around the house.  to get ready for going back to work I need to get back into the routine of planning my day.  chores are very similar to teacher's planning and prep - things you need to keep on top of in the classroom.  


I'm going to start the challenge officially on the 7th but wanted to figure things out this week - journal style, food log, "work day" schedule, etc.

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