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[The Most Loathed] doesn't know what to do

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I'm entering into this with honesty. I'm a little lost right now. Nothing terrible, don't read too much into it. I'm just failing to connect my goals and my actions. 

I'mm just go at this post very stream of consciousness and maybe do a little tidying but keep it pretty real.



  • I am currently trying to go the office 3X per week. I hate it. I'm trying to get my mind right/give myself less pain over this. I will complain about this a lot and it's ok if you skip the whole thread for this.
  • I'm gonna also take some Me Time TM. Legend of Zelda, Tears of the Kingdom is coming out and I'm the most hype I have ever been for a video game. I will give it a sliver of my life as I play it for, probably 20+ hours this cycle. 



  • First Half - make weight for my meet
  • Second half - manage high BP and bodyweight. Lot's of numbers here



  • Take a note - I used to record each lesson, I want to get back to that
  • Take Gold May 20th at Submission Challenge - If I had only one goal for the next few weeks, this is it. 
  • Take Lives - During rolls, I must roll to win until my meet. I cannot roll to not lose
  • Take a Rest - post my meet, I want to go back to taking bottom position and fighting up
  • Take a Seat - Watch ADCC North America and make some notes. Watching film is good, turning into data is better. 



  • Make one good dashboard outside of work
  • Work on API queries from python
  • Meet with two external contacts
  • Continue to do my job
    • ETL and processing of Credit Access Lines
    • Develop internal python packages and processes



I can think of 100 other details, some of which I'm unwilling to write down and some of which I'm unwilling to track but I think that is important. I think I'm juggling too many balls right now and putting a few down is good for me.


Let's see.  A meme.



I strangle this people all day



A music video



currently working on the rhythm of this and learning a lot more about the song than I ever knew. 

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May 3, 2023

It's Wednesday and I haven't posted for about a week. So, let's fix that. 



I have gone to the office twice this week and I will do so again tomorrow and it just seems so stupid. I wasted 90 minutes and $23 / day to sit at my desk and do my job slightly less efficiently. 

I will acknowledge that a a moment happened in the office that would not have happened remotely where I sat in a meeting with my peers and after the meeting ended I pointed out that this thing that we were looking at didn't solve any problems that we had. I will acknowledge that had I not been in the room after the call, I wouldn't have said anything. However, I would also argue that it's not my job to freeze three other people who don't know any better because they never thought to ask.



I literally have to skip workout time to go in the office so I have don 0 cardio this week and I'm slightly angry about it.



Monday Night - I got to work with an infrequent training partner "Army Dan" and I really liked it. He's tall and lean and used to give me fits in rolls. He was a rare "double promotion" to blue and seeing him struggle through the material helped me see the value in holding people back initially. Don't get me wrong, he's way better than most white belts and I don't disrespect his blue belt. But I see the time and reps he has missed out on. 

De La Riva

  • Collar and Pant Grip - The real emphasis of the night was sitting up while you press the far leg away. It's such a game changer and I don't feel like we emphasized it in week one. Now it's pretty much the only thing to me.  From seated, extended De La Riva, roll away to bring them down
  • If they turn away - inside leg pins their leg, take the back
  • If they turn in, the game begins - Single Leg X, push. ... actually, I forget, I'm now mixing it with Wednesday so I will stop here.

One last note, I worked with Army Dan and he's so tall, my legs are a wreck. When a 6'2-4" uses his full height to extend a 5' 8-9" guy, those splits are tought.


Tuesday Night - I was a little off my game from two days in the office. Add to that, I've had a weird skin tag / very large ingrown hair on my chin that my first partner just obliterated, it was not my best night of training but I have two takeaways.

  1. Against the unprepared, I'm still a killer - to be honest, in hindsight, I took so many submissions, crudely, close to 20. In ten-ish rounds, for crappy blue belts and white belts, I'm a terror. I don't want to make them feel bad and I'll always talk to them as I spent several minutes with a fellow blue on my he couldn't leg lock me but I leg locked him but I do think I'm a weirdly bad opponent because unless you want to face people that will just take you out and have room to spare, I'm a bad partner. I'd like to be a better partner but I'm having trouble balancing, giving good pushback and being too much. It's a mixed bag.
  2. Against my one or two peers, I'm a handful but is that enough - I had a Brown Belt tell me he has to take me seriously, which is a big ego boost but then I get under my favorite partner, Ken, and after a year of training, he's baffled why he can keep me down as I submit every purple belt in the room and threaten higher belts. Simple, he knows my script perfectly. He's my worst nightmare in competition. He's very good, everyone in the gym acknowledges it. He has said to me that he wants to go as many belt grads (Every 4 months for a stripe) as he can. That would mean about 5.5 years to black (ten is "normal") and I think he will get close by not perfect. I think we'll rank together but I currently beat him 60-75% of the time, I want 90 - 100. The belts don't matter to me, I just need to beat everyone. 

Wednesday Day

De La Riva, they grab the long leg and stuff it, you use the opportunity to sit tall, steal the far sleeve, roll to the front-side, take single leg X

  1. If they turn away, take the back
  2. If they turn in and are on their foot, long foot  hooks the knee and you take them to their knee, rise up and take side control

One side note from all of the De La Riva stuff is, from Deep Half stuff it is my habit to load the leg to the shoulder but in De La Riva it is usually better to keep a trouser leg and put it to the floor to pass.

I'm a little self conscious that the whole of the above is gibberish to most people. Please know it's cool to skip these bits, they are really for me. 



I completely rebooted this whole ETL (Don't fall asleep yet) I have going on. Long story short, I was building a system that none of my peers understand, I decided to do it different because it means they get the data in exactly as it is for another application, then I do all the work on our side, as opposed to pulling only the fields I need, how I need. So that, some future case doesn't require a total a rebuild. Low tier future proofing. 



Legend of Zelda, tears of the Kingdom was leaked to the internet and I'm doing something I didn't know existed. I'm seeking out streams of people playing it before launch. 

This is pretty taboo. I get that. I won't say anything here that would spoil the game pre-launch. I'm going to talk about interacting in this space not the game itself. 

I 100% understand Nintendo protecting their brand against leaks.  I also understand that if you want to experience the game completely blind, that's your thing and I want to respect that for you. What I do not understand:

  1. I would have never thought to look for leak streams had every content creator who was "not going to talk about leaks" not shouted from the rooftop that leak  streams were happening
  2. When in a leaked stream that I have to go hunting for, usually not in English, someone pops in to say In English "I have reported this stream

I want to respect people where they are.  I don't want to yuck your yum but fuck off my my yum. I watch way more games get played than I will play. For me, seeing other play this game is exciting and makes me look forward to the 12th, which I have already paid for. So, on what basis do you think you should White Knight Nintendo Entertainment Systems, a company who doesn't know you or care about you to squash my enthusiasm ? Anyway, that's my weird soapbox. 


Anyway, that's me ranting. Enjoy this meme


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26 minutes ago, Tanktimus the Encourager said:

I hear you on guarding attitude to make bad work situations more bearable. It stinks to have to do it, but it does make waiting for a better job easier. 

Thanks man.

I have a weird dilemma of knowing I could safely walk any day but trying so hard to not be a total bastard and walk before they have a chance. It's a dumb pressure I'm putting on myself to to "do it right" versus just do it.  Weirdly, I think I love these people and I feel deeply about the idea of walking away from them. 

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Monday May 8


many, my whole schedule it topsy turvy these days,


Last week, rapid fire

  • Tuesday - office day, marathon roll 0 I won't rant about the office thing, everyone gets it. BJJ was ok for me on Tuesday, I didn't get quite as many submissions as I wanted but I got some
  • Wednesday - home day, day time bjj, more de la riva
  • Thursday - office day, didn't make it to the rec, had 0 energy to do anything, even chores or video games. Napped after work then went to bed. Had hardware delivered to build Laura's new garden box
  • Friday - home day, day time BJJ
  • Saturday - chores all day
  • Sunday - Akagi, took it kind of light but did ok overall

This week, rapid fire

  • Monday - office day, night bjj, was probably my least favorite class to date. Some I'm sure is my head space but also, I miss the tougher daytime crew. this is  a big pile of white belts who are all trying to teach each other obscure techniques they'll never use but rarely want to roll 
  • Tuesday - office day, marathon roll
  • Wednesday - home day, day time BJJ
  • Thursday - Office day, going to someone's house for games that night
  • Friday - PTO day, day time BJJ, Zelda Launch day!
  • Saturday - build the new garden box
  • Sunday - Akagi but this may get bumped if we end up having rain on Saturday

More notes 

Our Professor (BJJ instructor) has been dealing with a ruptured disc in his neck... he thought He finally got it imaged and had a tumor on his spine. He had surgery today and is recovering.  Obviously we're all concerned for him but the prognosis is good. Selfishly, I look forward to his return just because he's so good at his job, in my opinion. I hope the school does well while he's dealing with this too. I don't have any important thoughts here, just jotting it down.


I have started casually applying for jobs. I'm only a week and a half into 3 days a week and I miss the time it's stealing away from me. I miss getting to the rec and my day time classes. Don't get me wrong, it's not the worst thing ever to go into the office. Laura and I carpool and she does the driving. I like my teammate well enough. However, it takes time away from all the things I love doing so I'm testing the waters.


I did find out that the huge project we have on the horizon to move all of our data from one system to another and retool to python and other tools, well, there is no "to" system. We had been told we were going from SAS to Snowflake but it turns out.... there is no Snowflake. We have to figure it out for ourselves. Completely baffling.

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I stepped away for a bit but I should be back to things now.


I'll do a quick little recap and then get back to regular posting again this weekend.


Office Stuff

One of the primary reasons I stepped away for a bit was the return to office stuff. I was having a really hard time adjusting to the bandwidth loss of hours per week. All of my free time was much more compressed, while I was still doing jiujitsu, I had not time for cardio or just enjoying a good walk. It was really getting me down. So much so that I had an interview for a remote job this week. 

The interview went well and was potentially the first of many. However, I got one of those weird appointments that you sometimes get from a manager with a coded message of "I really wanted to meet with you today to discuss how the return to office is going for you". The purpose of the call was that my manger was giving me explicit permission to never come into the office. I have to admit I was a little dubious at first but as we talked and my understanding dawned, I was so relieved. They have given me back my flexible work schedule, my ability to get to the gym and enjoy life a little more.  I realize that compared to someone who doesn't have a job or has a terrible job, this isn't something I should care so much about but for me it was huge. 

So, job stuff, all good. big happy


BJJ Stuff


I did two Monday nights, and really missed my daytime crew. I did my normal other stuff until this week. I took Tuesday and Friday off this week to rest prior to my meet, tomorrow.  They're still messing with the brackets a bit but from what I can tell (screenshot below):

The gi matches between Jason and I are best of 3. I think he is actually a white belt. His no gi matches are white belt matches but because we're both in the same decade and close to the same weight, he got bumped up for gi. He looks like he too has been active his whole life, so that part should be fun. However, I've got about a year and half of training on him so I should do well.

The no gi match against "loser from 28" is because I'm in a three man bracket with two 20 somethings. They are both blues and one is a 10th planet blue so I should have my hands full. They a have a match first, I have a bye round, sort of. The loser of their match faces me then the winner of my match faces the winner of the first match, so either me or the guy who already lost once. For me it's a one and done situation though.  Unfortunately, my matching could intermingle such that I'm running from one mat to the other and back so we'll just see how that goes. 





My Professor (BJJ instructor) has a long road to recovery. Because the cancer was in his spinal column they had to take his neck apart and put it back together. That will have impacts on his mobility and ability to do jiu jitsu for the rest of his life. Right now he can walk short distances and that it. He has chemo ahead of him. It's a real bummer and reminder of one of the reasons I passed on a life in physical training. Something like this can be career ending or at least seriously hurt your quality of life. He has a great attitude and mindset so I'm optimistic that he will make the most of this and grow the school more as has to focus on the business and its stability more and on being the lead instructor less.


Home Stuff

We bought new windows. That cost a ton but they will be install in July-ish and in a climate like minnesota, can do a ton to make life even more comfortable than it already is.

Tuesday night we added, if I recall correctly 120 square feet to Laura's garden, more than doubling its size.

Tomorrow, while I'm at the meet, we have. a painter coming to repaint the living room. 

So, the house is busy with the sounds of improvement.



Tears of the Kingdom came out and I took a day off to play it. I'm enjoying it. One one hand, it's more of the stuff I already enjoyed about Zelda. On the other, I don't think I was the only one with some mental friction of seeing the same world but having a slightly different set of controls and a very different toolset. It's a good game and I'm going to play it all the way through, probably more than once. 



That's it for now, just wanted to do an update after my lay-off to try and get back in the habit. 

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Super Busy Weekend Recap


Woke up at 6:30 just some we'd get the day started on time. I made some breakfast and we moved all the furniture away from the walls. By 8:30 I had to hop in the shower because it was meet day and Laura was taking Clementine to the vet because she has another ear infection (she has had the off and on her whole life and we've never found long term solution). A little after 9 I was on my way to the tournament and Laura is off with Clem. My doorbell notifies me at 9:30 that the painter has arrived and Laura isn't back yet but we trust him and it's all good. I also spy my first competitor across the gym and go over to introduce myself. Seems like a nice guy.


Match 1

I think it was around 11 that I had my first match against Jason. He's truly a white belt and I can feel him go into the white belt arm locked stiffness of his first meet ever. I snap him down to his knees. I try to pull him further down but feel him pulling back hard to resist so I Drive in, pushing him back over his heels. This is a free guard pass for me. He's hugging my head, not knowing what to do. I hear his coach giving him good fundamental tips but he's so unfamiliar with the experience he's having that it's hard to enact those. Plus I hear them too and have more bandwidth to react than he does. In a bit his grip on my head weakens and I use that opportunity to take mount. I lock up my bread and butter, the arm triangle and don't rush the finish but also know it's not in there perfect, but I know I can blow through most people's defense so I dismount set the strangle then row my shoulder back to hear several vertebrae crack and feel the tap. In the video you can see him reach for the tap as I set the initial strangle then realize it's not tight, lower his arm, then his arm shoots up and taps with a crack I heard but you can't.


Match 2

He pulls guard to avoid the same circumstance as last time. He's working hard the break my posture but I pin his shoulders, move my hands to his belt, start to come up (on review my up leg is totally in the wrong position). When his guard breaks he makes a pain noise and in the video you can see me pause but we go back to it. He goes for the head grab that has me thinking Von Flue. He lets it go so I mount. He has learned from last time to keep his elbows down (this is a super common situation for me, an arm triangle means they refuse to give up the elbow but leave the neck wide open). I go for an Ezekiel but his chin is blocking my hand to I just do a punch choke (knuckles into the  carotid ) and he taps.


Match 3

New guy I've never met before. I've got a weightclass on him but otherwise seemingly a good matchup. We tie up but he leave his knee out so I pick it up and bowl him over. we land in halfguard. He's got a lockdown on him but I am threatening the kimura if I can get his arm out and his coach desperately wants him to take the underhook. I take it instead. We play lockdown games, he locks my leg in but doesn't do anything but stall. I free it but fail to advance my position and repeat for a minute. Eventually I'm free, I mount, I arm triangle. The usual story with me.


Match 4

Tall, long limbed, young guy. He came out ready to go, by this point I'm a little tired and bored. He did a much better job on his feet, getting. a throw by on me and landing on my half guard. He was doing a good job of pinning and controlling my head. I did not mount a really good defense, I kept him at bay for a bit, going for deep half which I ned to spend some time studying and should not have been messing with in a competition setting. Eventually he passed to mount. I got to my side and still felt pretty safe but he dropped into a mounted triangle which I have rarely been in. At this point I made poor choices and gave up my top arm which lead to a nice armbar by him and a tap from me.


My three meet take aways:

  1. My current A Game works. I used it three times without a real challenge to it. Halfguard  when I present the delimma of giving me taking the underhook and I attack a kimura or you give up the underhook to pass to mount and work for the arm triangle, or if you take back your elbows, that system works well when enacted
  2. I need to work on managing my energy and focus at a meet. I need to be ready to elevate my energy before a match so I don't come in flat but come out fighting. This is a problem I have been acutely aware of at every meet but done nothing about. I'm not sure how to train this but I need to work on it.
  3. I need to get put in the mounted triangle a bit for the experience. The match did not need to end there but I made poor choices due to unfamiliarity


Match playlist


After the meet

I got home and the painters were still working, which was expected. Laura needed help hauling dirt for the new garden beds we've been working on. We had borrowed a neighbor's wheelbarrow but I found that it had a flat tire so I ended up hauling the dirt manually. I got about half of it hauled and added in, 24 bags of dirt that afternoon. Then cleaned up and went out for dinner both because we had worked hard and because our house was still prepped for the painters to return the next day. 



We woke up and went out for breakfast. We figured out a rough list so we ran by the grocery store for a couple of days worth of food and other odds and ends. Then we returned home to work on the garden. I hauled the rest of the bags of dirt manually which I think works out to 50 or 60 bags. We had over ordered because when I calced the volume I did it based on 8 inches of soil, not 6, plus Laura had added a few more for good measure. So we still have 20-25 stashed but we filled in 32 square feet of beds we built last year but hadn't used but also filled in 146 square feet of new garden beds for this year. Totaling 242 square feet of garden space for Laura to play with plus whatever other parts of the yard we dig up for various shrubs and so on. We also put the house back together, did a little planning for the week, and grilled dinner last night, before doing our weekly call to our parents.


So that's it, a relatively successful week end and weekend. 


This week I am heading back to the old schedule of never going to the office Hooray!!


  • Monday - BJJ
  • Tuesday - Rec, BJJ
  • Wednesday - BJJ, Guitar
  • Thursday - Rec
  • Friday - BJJ
  • Saturday - Rec?, Hosting
  • Sunday - BJJ

One of my goals for the week will be to start developing a learning plan going forward. I slacked off the past couple months and I'd like to get my traction back. I also need to figure out my own learning plan with Professor laid up. It'll be much harder for me but a good exercise. It's also time to work on weightloss. The weather is nice, I have my preferred schedule back, and I'd like to begin the climb down to 215.


There are a few other details but it's work time so I'm off.

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Midweek update (still trying to get back to the more frequent habit)




Attacking with the arm drag when someone is in your closed guard

From closed guard, cross grip to the Gi sleeve or wrist, pull across. Assuming they give to your pull, you can use your free hand to grab their lat from around their back. Rotate your hips to the side of the exposed shoulder

  1. Take the Back - plant your hand with the sleeve on the ground, retaining the grip. Pull with lat hand and take the back
  2. Dung Beetle - release the sleeve hand. Make sure your bottom foot is acting as a hook on the outside of their thigh. Turn your body away, belly down, your body 90 degrees to theirs, hands on the mat. Hand walk backwards into their body, using your hook foot to prevent them regaining their base. Knock them over and landing in tactical mount

We did a little more with moving to a submission for tactical mount but not spending cycles remembering that right now.



Rec Time

  • Row 30 minutes
  • PT stuff 
  • Stretch




Attacking with the arm drag when someone is in your close guard (cont)

From Closed Guard with a grip on the Gi sleeve or wrist. Pull the arm across for an arm drag. However, this time they resist and try to go towards the shoulder of the arm you control

Pendulum sweep - Use the shoulder side leg to spin yourself 90 degrees to you partner, head to the side you were dragging the arm to, butt to the side of the shoulder of the drag arm. This may take multiple movements to make the turn. Scope the leg nearest you and extend your leg away to sweep into tactical mount and start working towards submissions. 


Weekend planning

My mom asked last week if they could come up sometime. We figured we'd try to find a weekend in the coming weeks but nothing was lining up for over a month, so they're coming this week. This kind of stuff is always kind of disruptive for us, especially when it's kind of sprung like this. Ah well, we'll get it done and have a couple quiet weekends to catch up. 

So, this weekend begins with Friday, my parents arrive and we're making a baked gnocchi dish we like. I learned the last time that my parents didn't know what gnocchi is. They mispronounced it ganache and joked about how weird it sounded. So we thought they would enjoy having a version we really like. Saturday we'll take them to the arboretum then to our favorite taco joint for dinner. Sunday they are off again so we can host friends Sunday night. Monday we can finally rest. Thank goodness that it's a three day weekend. 

I'll be skipping Sunday BJJ and the school is closed Monday  so I should be ready to go on Tuesday.


Playing Zelda

I'm really enjoying Tears of the Kingdom but that game is huge. I'm through about 1/2 of the main questline, or that's that I think the percent is having not finished it. I think I want to get the main questline done then spend a bunch of time wandering around and doing little sidequests before I go for Ganon. I think I've very disproportionately have done the sky then ground then underground, so there is still a lot to unlock.


Teaching Python

My team is working towards retooling from SAS to python. None of us are particularly experienced with it but I'm the most fired up about it so I'm trying to teach it, which means I have to learn it first, which has been a cool experience. Still lots to learn and do there. Sometime I should do a longer download on it. 

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Long Weekend Wrap Up


BJJ No gi

Pendulum Sweep

From the closed guard, arm drag. Your opponent tries to bring their body back across your centerline (if they don't you will take their back). Take advantage of their effort and as they cross you center line, swing your leg on the side they are going to so your whole body goes the opposite direction that they are so you end up 90 degrees off, where your head is the direction you dragged to, they are where they started or a bit over corrected. You will still have them trapped between you legs but if you kept the arm you dragged, they have no post towards your feet. Scoop the leg right next to your shoulder and swing your long leg down which will tip them over where the have no post. You have just swept them.


Parents Arrival

My mom's birthday was Thursday. When I talked to her on Sunday and confirmed she had an Amazon wishlist for me to order from she said she hadn't really gotten around to it. When we talked about what she wanted, she really wanted to come up for a weekend. No problem, we have a couple of quiet weekends coming up, that'll work great. However, as we started to plan, our weekends didn't align. In fact, we had no mutually free weekends until midJuly, except this weekend, Memorial Day weekend. So, on Thursday we arrived at the conclusion that this is when we would host them. Never mind that we had other plans and no time to prep. So, my parents arrived Friday night. In fairness, they are pretty courteous house guests. When we bought this house we made it clear we don't host people overnight, they have to get a hotel room. We just don't have the space and I specifically loath guest rooms, a room that does nothing 350 days of the room but we have to hold it in stasis "just in case". So they got to their hotel and came over as my day wrapped at work so we could serve them dinner then sat around and chatted for a couple of hours. 



Entertain Parents

My mom wanted to help Laura with gardening and to her credit, Laura did a really nice job with this. She took mom to the garden center to pick out a few plants, planted them under my mom's supervision. My dad helped me drive a few stakes further into the ground (used to keep the garden boxes in places) and tear down a metal deck table that used to have a glass top until a wind ended that a couple of weeks ago. That saved me a few bucks on a special run by the trash guys to get it out of here. 

Saturday night was my mom's birthday dinner. We took her to our favorite taco spot in Minneapolis. My parents hate spicy food but fortunately this place knows where they are in the country and uses almost no spice in the base prep and allows you to add your own spice via an assortment of salsas that they give you. Overall it was a success. I'm out of restaurants to take my parents so we'll need to find somewhere new between now and the next time they come up



Seeing Parent Off

Breakfast and goodbyes They knew we had to entertain that night and were kind enough to be away by 10 ish.



Akagi was doing their thing but I had too much going on so I couldn't get there this weekend. I have been slowly accumulating soft tissue injuries, especially in my hands of late so I am taking June as a slightly lighter month for myself to let a few things heal up.


Entertaining Hyphens

We had our friends over for dinner. It ended up being a bit stressful because Laura wanted to cook all new dishes she had never practiced and was frustrated when it didn't come out great. However, these friends have always been gracious and I thought it ended up being a good evening overall. Laura got some music chat in with them, which is how we originally know them. There was lots of travel talk (they love to travel) and we're at the age now where people are talking semi-retirement and second homes options. They are talking the latter so we heard that. I wish them the best on that but it not for me in my life. 



Day of Rest Finally

Laura was still stressed from hosting the night before but eventually we got everything all settled out and just enjoyed not having any obligations on the day.

I did go for a jog. It's been forever since I did that so I kept it very light. My cardio is well above my capacity for jogging right now. I knew that if I just went and ran as far as I could I'd lock up and not be able to move the rest of the week so I jogged in two ten-minute increments with five minutes of walking before and between. My legs ended up a bit sore but I'll try to do some more in the coming weeks to get that conditioning back. 


Short Week Kick Off

  • Tuesday - Marathon Roll, already happened as I write this. I tapped all partners but two (Alex and Pete, Blue and Purple respectively). It was an easy night for me. I do think that despite not being satisfied with my competition performance, I came back tuned up pretty well.
  • Wednesday - The busiest day I have had in a while. I have meetings solid from 1 pm (return from BJJ) to 4 pm (stretch session). It'll be fine. It's one day
  • Thursday - Going plan to jog instead of go to the rec, continuing to work on this
  • Friday - BJJ
  • Saturday - Laura is busy all day. I have an expensive sushi dinner with a friend that night
  • Sunday - Akogi


Summer Planning

Summer is here for me and I feel like it really shows in the weeks planning coming up. Here's a super loose outline


The first half is very quiet. I have some weekend plans but nothing major. The weekdays are all my business as usual (BAU). The month ends with us taking a long weekend away


The first week of the month we are on the road to Nebraska. We're going to check out some museums in Lincoln and Omaha and then visit my in-laws the second half of the week. The second half of the month has no plans in there at this time. I love looking at a long stretch on my calendar that has nothing except BAU but I also know we'll fill it up before long. Also we should get new windows installed towards the end of the month. 


The first weekend I'm down in Iowa for my second submission only tournament. No plans this far out.


As I look forward to the fall, I plan to keep my BAU stable, I'm always looking to add a couple of hours of cardio or stretching but I don't plan any major schedule changes. The work situation is seemingly resolved which makes me very happy. This is the point where I take a long look at my PTO and make a plan to make sure  to use enough. 

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