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It feels far too late to try restarting this challenge 😢


So instead, I'll just try starting the next challenge now; Week -1 baby!


To mix my cliches "If at first you don't succeed, try the same thing over again expecting different results"


Still sucking at self care. Still think working on getting solid on a couple things  while steel being aware of other areas is a good idea, even if I haven't managed to take any of the "new" things and make them "established" in the last couple challenges. 


I want you to know that while the typo above was on intentional, I have noticed it and decided to keep it. 


I am going to try a couple small shifts. Instead of just coloring my boxes on the google sheet, I'm going to try printing out the week so I can have it and color it in meat space.  I'll probably post it on my bedroom door so it is right there for me to see, not on a tab I have to be on my computer and clicking over to. In accordance with this, I've decided to get some colored pencils and coloring books to use while listening to things. I'm struggling to stretch my creativeness and this seems like an easy way to ease back in to that.


  Week Negative One Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Check Goals Make this box green              
Take meds              
Drink 1 Bottle of Water              
In bed by 8:15              
Practice Spanish              
Brush teeth              
Clean cat box              
5 mins sorting stuff              
Praise music              
Spiritual reading              
Check Blood Pressure              
Check Blood Sugar              
Stretch / yoga              
Walk outside              
Active play with cats              
Brush cats              
No food after 6pm              
Wake up at 3:30              
Out of bed by 3:35              
Practice Violin              
Practice Visual Art              
All dishes done              
5 min tidying a room              
Sweep/swiffer 1 room              
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We are not sinners trespassing in the garden of an angry God.

We are prodigals come home; fully seen and deeply loved.


Put together enough small wins over a long enough period of time,

and you’ll find yourself in high level gear fighting dragons before you know it.



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