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Still here. I think. Rinna continues on.

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K.I.S.S. Goals

Keep walking.

Keep on O.M.A.D.

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Stop with the evening snacking.  This is the hard one for me.


I’ve lost 19 lbs since January 24th.  I’ve stalled somewhat due to above mentioned snacking.  It’s hard not to.  Part of it is boredom, part is justifying my snack because my honey snacks, part of it is 


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But I’m not, really.  I’m getting plenty of calories.  Hormonally speaking, I do feel hungry…..a lot. But it’s my stupid brain.  So I say to you, brain:


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Postings will be sparse.  Vacation is a thing that’s happening next week.  I’ll do what I can do.


Bye, y’all 

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 Level -20 Zombie Princess

"The only way to lose is to give up."

 -Tanktimus the Encourager

"You can't beat someone that refuses to give up”

-Björn Járnhamar

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