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Crimson Tides Summer 2023 Challenge I

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I did not reach my goal last challenge but I did not gain any weight either so that's good! My goal is to lose 10 lbs. 

Starting weight 191lbs


1. Bike on stationary bike at least 30 minutes each day


2. 20 oz water a day.


3. Workout 2 days a week. Monday and Thursdays are my workout days(though this week I will workout on Wed). My workout includes; stretches to begin with then.. push ups, body weight squats, dumbbell row, floor press, and shoulder press.


On non workout days I still will do stretches. 

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Man, I'm glad to read back and see that's a stationary bike, because summer is probably brutal where you are for biking outside. I am not a lover of the heat.


Your goals look pretty solid, how are they going? (Good time for an amnesty and restart if the answer is not one you like!)

I felt like I could run forever, like I could smell the wind and feel the grass under my feet, and just run forever.

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