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Big Block of Cheese Day

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West Wing fans know what's up.


In show context, it's when attention is given to issues that wouldn't normally be in consideration.


In lifestyle context, I consider the cheese to be that pile of niggling little tasks that tend to build up over time. They're important enough to be on the to do list, but low enough in priority that they get passed over day after day in favor of other things. Over time what was a few small things here and there can grow into a veritable mountain of tiny tasks. The only way to get them done? One bite at a time, just like the big block of cheese!


If you have your very own block of cheese sitting at the bottom of your to do list, this challenge is for you! It's time to designate a big block of cheese day where your main mission is to take a day and get through that list, one task at a time! Do as many as you can and then from there decide if you want to eliminate, delegate, or set a deadline for anything that remains.


This can be a one off or a recurring challenge.


I'm getting ready to schedule mine so I can start my vacation next month with a nice clean slate and not spend the whole week dealing with all these minor issues.

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