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I have no but. Seriously, none. I look like a frog with boobs, skinny legs and then boobs. I want junk in the trunk. I know I know squats and deadlifts. But seriously, how long before I get a butt? I've never had one and I'd love to fill out my jeans instead of looking like an 80 yr old grandpa in overalls. Any chance I'll get one before the summer is over?

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Haha... I don't know how long it takes, but I'm in the same boat. Me and some of my friends back home decided we should make a club for flat-asses. I'm not gonna worry about it too much... just keep going.... and hope that my boobs don't shrink too much (they help draw the eyes away from my imperfections). :P

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I always had what I called a flat, white girl butt. After a few months of doing heavy-weight squats, deadlifts, and lunges I noticed my butt had gotten rounder and higher. I was so excited that I found myself looking at it in the mirror more because I was in shock that there was finally a clear difference between by back and my ass. As for how long it takes to see a change? It probably depends on if, or how, overweight you are, but I'm 5'7 and about 158 pounds and it only took 3 to 4 months to see a really noticeable change.

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Squat and press.


Sandbag/kettle bell swings


2 hand anyways (totally awesome- just learned them the other day)


Suitcase squat


I do a lot A LOT of box jumps.

I do a lot of squat jumps


I do a lot of sufer turns/surfer kick outs. (These are killer burn out)


Side lunge- with weight- leg to the side on a stability ball


I do a lot of back lunge and jumps or side lunge and jump. (these are amazing)


Tuck Jumps!!!


I've lost about an inch from some dieting stuff- which wasn't on the agenda- but I'm rocking a 31 waist and a 41 hip- so I'd say it works  :playful:

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