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Fat loss + muscle gain - please help me choose a program!

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Hi all!

I've read and re-read the nutrition guides on the site and think I'm reasonably well set (though getting down 180g of protein might be a problem!) My main issue concerns the exercise regimen. I do all my exercise via the Peloton app, both strength classes with dumbbells and cardio with the bike. 

I do have fat to lose, perhaps 10 - 15 lbs. But on my way there I'd also like to maintain or even build some muscle. I was considering these two options for the exercise:

-  3 day split (push, pull, legs and core) and PowerZone training (3 days of spinning on non-strength days)
-  5 day split, with one or two milder cycling classes on off days

Any suggestions on what might work best for my goals? Maybe a different plan altogether? Any advice would be hugely welcome!

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I'm afraid I don't know the Peleton App specifically so if someone chimes in with that experience I defer to their expertise. My thought will be super generic but I hope still somewhat helpful.


Given your goals and some assumptions I have to make, I'd point you towards the first option, the three day split with more cycling.  Here's my rationale, based on what you've said, your primary goal is weight loss and just avoiding muscle loss is a supporting goal. Based on this I'd point you towards creating a calorie deficit first and foremost and that's just easier with more cardio. I'm making an assumption that you don't have years of strength training under your belt and based on that I'm guessing you'll still gain a little strength if you pursue this program for 2-3 months, while dropping the weight you want.  If it's that simple, you lose 10 lbs and get a little stronger and are happy, congratulations, you'll get there in no time.


To offer an alternative, I probably wouldn't bother with a split during a three day routine and you're unlikely to see much strength gain in your legs from lifting if you're doing spinning three days a week. I would probably come up with a loose "total body" strength program that is far more tilted towards the upper body. If you're spinning Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and doing strength Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, life will suck if you do a hill ride on Monday,  a ton of squats, straight leg deadlifts, lunges, and box jumps on Tuesday, then wind sprints on Wednesday. For now, let spinning be your leg workout. If you decide you want to get super strong later, then it's time to do splits and make the spinning more responsive to that program. 


So, a possible, sample week might be something like this

  • Monday - hard spinning
  • Tuesday
    • dumbbell press
    • dumbbell row
    • bicep curl
    • tricep extension
    • back raises
    • crunches
  • Wednesday - easier spinning
  • Thursday
    • pull ups
    • side raises
    • diamond pushup
    • TRX or band row
    • lunges
  • Friday - moderate Spin
  • Saturday
    • chest fly
    • back fly
    • bicep curl
    • overhead tricep extension
    • box jumps
    • straight leg deadlift
  • Sunday - rest


You by no means need to do exactly that but the idea is that I'm deemphasizing the legs in the strength program and modulating the spinning to respond to how tired and/or how much rest they have coming up. 



So, short answer, either of your planned programs will work but I think the three day split is the better of the two. I think an upper body emphasis "total body" program is even better just because you're hammering your legs of off days. But, that's just one guys opinion. 

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Hello everyone,


As far as losing weight and gaining muscle, I personally recommend HIIT training. HIIT is definitely an effective and efficient method of weight loss because you have to draw from fat stores as opposed to carbs. You could definitely focus on footwork drills too so you can develop muscle memory and hypertrophy from different variations of training. The strength training could come from 3-4 days a week of solely focusing on that. Strength training doesn’t necessarily have to just be weights though. I would also look at ab training, using bands, plyometrics, and proprioception too as these can all be good variation besides getting into a lull of just running and lifting. Here’s a workout plan you could do:




-3 minute warmup jog

-Dynamic stretching 

-Cone drills (practice fast feet and change of direction around cones)

-Hill runs

-40 yd sprint

*not saying do all these on one day



-Back & biceps

-3 sets barbell curls 8-10 rep

-Weighted pull ups

-Deadlift (light warmup with straight arm pull downs)

        *2x6 reps moderate weight 

        *2x3 heavy weight (superset these with       wide grip pull ups)

-hyper y and w alternating raises



-3-5 minute warm up jog 

-dynamic stretches 

-Single leg jumps

-broad jumps 

-box jumps 

-5-10 yd sprinters stance launches 



-Chest & triceps

-4x5 barbell bench 

-4x6 weighted dips

-4x6 incline dumbbell 

-3x10 skullcrusher

-3x10 reverse overhead rope pulls 



-leg day 

-4x5 back squat 

-2x8-10 Bulgarian split squat

*1 set to failure explosive reps

-3x10 calf raises

-3x8 glute ham raises or hip thrusts 



-Active rest



-Active rest





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