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Chesire keeps on rolling

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This time is all about keeping up the things that have worked for me, keeping me well, keeping me happy.


A not fully inclusive list :

-organized fitness 6 days/ week

-eating well/ not over-indulging on snacks

-reducing alcohol

-sleep enough

-listening well

-pausing before I speak, especially in irritation

-meditation/review time

-mentally prepare for the day

-remember we are all human, flaws and struggles included

-advocate clearly and calmly for myself


I will add if I think of anything else. 


Obviously some of these are harder to quantify but I will try to bring organization to them anyway.

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Just to keep things fun, my immediate coworker was let go on Friday.  This is for the best and I don't think it will effect our service turn around time much (She wasn't efficient in the slightest) but it is a bit of a mental hit.  As someone else pointed out, it's less of a drag on a crew to have a hole than it is to have a negative pulling on everyone.


Positive from this is that I get to clean up and set up the service department to my preferences!  I'm not even super neat, but man was she a whirlwind of clutter. 


Other work news;  I'm making myself a BOTW Link costume!  I added a challenge for myself of only using fabrics and patterns that we sell, but using whatever accessories I need to to complete it.  We are following the lead of the machine company and leaning into cosplay maker support and celebration, so we decided October in  our store is cosplay month!  Several of us love costumes in all forms so what would normally be a Halloween focus is now broadening to any and all forms of costumes.  We have some historical re-enactors that get to show off their work too.  There will be pics.


If I recall right, this challenge ends the weekend we are doing our big cosplay weekend at the shop, so I might get some fun pics with some designers too!

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How is the Link costume coming along?

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oh, hi there!  I think I got lost on my way to the keyboard a few times.  I definitely thought about popping in, but, you know...


Link is in the works.  The pants are started and I don't think will take me too long since I'm not doing fancy things like adding pockets.  I haven't made the top pattern before, but it's pretty basic.  The humbug with that is that I want to do some decorative stitches around the neckline but I need to take my machine to work and 'sneak' it on to my bench to do some balancing since the stitches I've tested are not looking too good at the moment.  And this apparently has to be done by Oct 14 for our cosplay open house.  No pressure.


MrC's new job is going well.  He is exhausted.  Someone is too accustomed to a WFH desk job, so standing all day and being on that much is a lot.  I've had to coach about how to deal with sore feet, how to plan snacks and meals, how to say things like 'I can totally understand why you are upset, let's see what I can do' even when you know there likely isn't much you can do.  So basically he's developing a lot of respect for what I've lived for most of my life!  And I still come home and clean and walk the dog and workout etc!  I'm all for it!



Generally challenge goals are going well.  I'm regaining some energy and focus so I can put more direct effort to the list, but I'm not yet ready to return to a daily logging and tracking.  Fitness and diet are more or less ok, but geez...

On 9/12/2023 at 8:16 PM, Chesire said:

pausing before I speak, especially in irritation

that's a hard one.  I've coming to recognize that a lot of the survival or attitude methods I've developed over that last rough 2 years, while ok for that time, are terrible now.  And that pausing is hard.  Reviewing shortly afterward something stupid comes out of my mouth and owning up to it is helpful.  I hope that will lead to catching it before it comes out of my mouth.  Mostly I hope it will happen because when I recognize the stupid thing I spend time trying to figure out why it's there, how it developed, the purpose it served, and how its not useful now.  (Hellooo watcher in my head!  welcome back)


That was a lot more than I expected to write.  I'll take a break for now and hopefully be back with some pics. 

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Finished the costume on time and happy with the it!  I'll share some pics in the next challenge. 


This challenge has been ok.  I wasn't very organized about it , but I did keep it in mind most days.  I spent time identifying and tackling some of the background brain stuff that has been dampening my efforts, whilst and at the same time, owning my own difficulties without taking ownership of other's stuff even if I have to live around it. 


So anyway, decent.  I hung on even if it didn't look as I imagined it.


as always, I will try to be more present here next time

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