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Time for a respawn.

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Hello fellow nerds,


I'm cd667. I'm a man, aged 46. I live in the Peak District in England.


I was here before, but I got a bit freaked out - at the time I last joined I was really struggling with my mental health and poor career choices.


What's happened since then? I have had help. Lots of help. I was diagnosed with ADHD. It explained so much about my life, and has been a key to unpacking the astonishing amount of shame I carry around, much of which appears to manifest as a beer belly.


I'm a musician, most of my job now is restoring my Victorian house. I have a lovely dog. I used to be a really, really good cyclist (on track for becoming a professional at one point), but not any more. Addiction and sadness stopped it. I'm looking for ways to get active again.


I miss the cameraderie of this place. And I've recently been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, which hasn't been good for me. Time to make some changes.

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Welcome. Welcome!

Good to see you back. I had my moment as well where I needed some help and I'm glad to have gone through it and come out better on other side too. 

Best wishes on the life changes. A lot of folks here are dealing with some similar stuff so I'm sure they can join you in the process.

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You can't spell Slaughter without laughter

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