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Is it that time of year again?

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Wow, almost a year between posting on forums almost feels like a trend for me at this point.


Hi!  I used to be here, and then like so many other times before, I wasn't.  I'll drop the longform version of the last year in spoilers:



So when last I was here, I had just had a car back into my car and the letter for my first bariatric appointment.  Man, that feels like aeons ago.


First, car, instead of repairing it I traded it in, because the shop found a small seep in the headgasket and essentially said it was a matter of time.  So I picked up a different second hand car with the assistance of the Bank of Dad.  That car lasted all of three months.  Engine full of sludge.  I was insanely luckily to flog it for 2 grand.  My brother got a loan and we got a much newer second hand car.  


Moved house, finally.  No more black mold climbing the walls of every room and living with the smell of the bleach in mold killer spray.  Now we just have mice that the real estate are pussyfooting around on resolving.  A few roaches too.  Fun, but better than the mold, this is easier to resolve.


I got a job, start on Monday actually.  Provided all the paperwork that they didn't send me until last minute clears in time, anyway.  We'll see.


First bariatric appointment was also my last bariatric appointment.  Because of the connective tissue disorder (hEDS) and the reflux, the surgeon believes that the benefits of bariatric surgery would not be worth the inherent risks of surgery for me like they would other patients.  Stretchy connective tissue fails me again.  That was very hard to hear, like the last genuine hope was taken away from me because of forces out of my control.  Took me months to really get my headspace back into a healthier place. 


Short version, everything imploded and it took the better part of the last year to really get back on my feet again. 


But back on my feet I am, and still needing to get this weight off.  I got on the scale at the doctor and was handed a number of 208kg/458lb.  Yay.  When your doctor tells you something has to change or you won't see 50, it's time to knuckle down again.  I've fluctuated everywhere between 170kg/374lbs and here for years, I don't want to do it anymore.


On the plus side, I've finally managed to get my enablers to stop with the enabling.  So far anyway.  I won't hold my breath that it'll continue.  


So yeah, back at it again.  This time we're playing for keeps.





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