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CloudyKitty Respawn 1

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Here's my Respawn Tale :


2021- was doing well with staying active. Rode my bike on a regular basis and did the Beti Bike Bash race. Did workouts on my own a couple days during the week and more often than not would take good weekend bike rides.


2022- was so-so with activity. Was intending to do the Beti Bike Bash again as a racer.  My mom had a bit of a struggle with her health and I flew out to spend some time helping to take care of her. My return flight was the day before the bike race and I knew I was going to be tired so I didn't go. I forgot to register anyway so thankfully I wasn't out a wad of cash. That trip out of town threw me completely off the tracks of my good activity habits and the working out never got to a good spot again. But my mom is doing better now. My young adult kid also decided to temporarily move out of our house and they don't drive so I was being their taxi much of the time as well.


Here we are now, coming to the tail end of 2023. Recently I've been noticing that the desk job life and lack of activity is taking it's toll. My clothes don't fit well, ADHD symptoms seem worse. Mood is grumpier. My job is now in an office instead of working from home so I have less time to do things I want to. But I gotta restart somewhere! I volunteered at the Beti Bike Bash. I sucked up those good vibes and loved it!


My battle plan:

1. Cycling Class Saturday mornings at the community rec center. Went today and it had good energy. It was a great workout. The instructor gave me the tip to figure out which resistance setting is best for me. I have it on the calendar for all this month. 

2. Keep up with the vitamins and water intake. Track them in Fitbit and start a weekly check in thread in these forums.

3. Get one hour more of sleep each night.

4. Squeeze in weekday working out or bike rides as much as possible. Also need to renew my military ID so I can use the base gym again.


That's it for now, hope to start talking with you all more again.

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Welcome Back!

Glad to hear that your mom is doing better and you can put the caregiver side of you on a shelf for a bit and focus on yourself. Your timing is great as we should be ticking over to a new six week challenge tomorrow. So please join us in the challenge forums and start a log and hang out with some nerds. 

You can't spell Slaughter without laughter

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@The Most Loathed I'm glad you (and The Rebellion) think my timing is good. Someone called me crazy for deciding to start getting back into fitness with colder temps starting up then Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. 🤣


I say now is as good of a time as any. Besides, a pre-preemptive kick in the rear to Seasonal Depression is always a welcome idea in my book!


My main challenge  these days is going to be getting these weekday workouts accomplished. So tempting to come home from work and just flop on the couch with a cat! 

Also possibly worth of Challege Status: renewing that military ID. I have no  idea if the process has changed since the last time we did it. 

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