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[Renate] gets her hot girl winter on

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Hey there dear folks,


there has been a lot of nerding out about psychology and not so much fitness in my posts in the last challenges, and I haven't been around a lot, which I regret. But I'm doing  a lot of things at the same time and one of my therapy goals is learning how to make meaningful connections so it's well. Sort of part of my whole deal that I'm working on right now. Laying down roots and becoming functioning.


But it's finally time to cocoon and get my general nerd, fitness nerd, and fitness lover on.


I've been whipping out a notebook and pen and learning about things that make my brain feel good. 


I've been eating a lot better than I did in the  few years before. 


I want to start eking out moments to walk/run outside. Laughably small goals.


The main thing holding me back is feeling self-conscious about the people in the neighborhood seeing me be confused about walking routes. 


Which only means that I need to prepare better (and meditate more, because fudge what people think, but I still want to prepare better because I like being prepared. It makes me feel good about myself.)


Let's gooo!

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Here to follow and support!


On 10/21/2023 at 4:27 AM, Renate said:

The main thing holding me back is feeling self-conscious about the people in the neighborhood seeing me be confused about walking routes.

This used to bother me too, but honestly why should they care. I encounter a couple people on walks that I recognize but it's uncommon and never in the same spot and I often try to take new routes through my neighborhood all the time. My wife prefers one route, or to walk on the track for laps and laps, but I like the variety and seeing other people's houses, their yards, decorations and how trees/plants/gardens change with the seasons. I live in a fairly busy neighborhood with lots of kids and people who walk their dogs, but it hasn't been a problem at all. In fact it's kinda nice starting to recognize the faces (and dogs) of other walkers and even if we don't exchange any more than a 'hello' or even just a nod, or nothing, it feels nice to see familiar faces around and to be seen. I work from home and often my wife is the only person I talk to on a day, or days on end so it feel like a little dose of socialization.

Also are you doing the 'Walk to Mordor'? I highly recommend it. Even if they are short walks, it reinforces that even tho it may just be a short walk, it is building towards a bigger goal; the trip to Mordor, and improving your health. Having that extra little challenge/goal that you're walking towards is nice and a good little bit of extra motivation.

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I have a local park with very confusing routes, mostly because they are made by mountain bikers - when I started walking in that park, I was always self-conscious of seeming to be confused, so I would just do out and back walks - go in the same direction for a period and turn around.  It's a good way to feel more confident about where you are and worst case some of the walks were shorter than others.


Also pulling out your phone with a map, you just look like everybody else on your phone in the middle of a walk.


So prepare as you need to and get outside ;)

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Sorry for the radio silence yet again!


The cocooning has been laying fruits! I've been less and less self conscious lately.


Breathing more easily.  Meshing in with the local folks.


I was considering doing prep for the New Year's dive with cold showers but I think having a walk every day for 1 challenge even when it's drizzling might be a better test for resilience. (Or maybe if I really really really don't want to go out, I can have a cold shower :p)


Thank you @Kalitraz and @Skywalker so much for the encouragement!


Kalitraz, thank you for reminding me about the Walk to Mordor!

My phone has been weird about connecting to the internet and opening apps and I'd like to track my routes with Stravas if I do... But I'll give it a whirl, regardless! 

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Walking in cold rain is a great test for resilience. 

As for looking confused, just practice the "Of course I know where I am going" look and pace😀 We go geocaching, which pretty much guarantees some wandering around,. I just smile confidently at people as I walk back and forth on the same path.

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15 hours ago, juliebarkley said:

How is everything going?


Thank you.


I had a semi-alright period and now hit another rough patch. 


But, I'm just trying to focus on enjoying being my little neurodivergent self.


I have a whole training program in preparation for the holidays. Cardio and wine. By December I want to be able to drink a whole bottle and just be tipsy, and I want to comfortably dance 1 hour. What is life without neurotically specifically planned goals? (At two glasses and 25 minutes now, cheers)


It just feels annoying that I'm struggling to make friends at 29, man. 


I didn't struggle for the longest time even as a kid but after the 6th move (third cross-country one) something just broke in me, that inner drive to lay down roots and I just focused on school work (and later, uni work)


but now that my brain/memory kinda gave up I don't even have that (it's rebuilding, I'm starting to remember more and more, which helps with interpersonal relationships too but FUCK it's going slow)


Can I start over this life, please 😛


That's enough of a pity party now, though... ❤️


How are you doing?

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Summoning the happy cats team:








 And a foreign exchange member:




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