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9 years later, and a shave is what brings me back.

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Good morning rebels,


9 years ago I created my first post on these forums and started putting my full energy into losing weight and living a healthy life.  About 9 months later, I dropped off and boy-o life has happened. I ended up moving states 3 times, getting married, having a kid, going through 6 jobs, all while giving half-hearted attempts to get back on the wagon. I've had success and failure and I find myself a few pounds less than 9 years ago, but still not where I want to be.


Now, after so long, what is motivating me to seek accountability? I promised I would be Dwight Schrute in a month.

Yep, that's it. On December 12th, my brother-in-law is having a birthday and the family is attending as Office couples. My wife volunteered us as Anglea and Dwight and I'm fully on board - BUT that does mean I'm committing to shaving my beard for the bit because I go hard on character work.

I have overall been able to find some things I like in my appearance and become happy with who I am, but my beard has always been my safety net, fearing the army of chins behind it. My wife has literally never seen me clean shaven and I am committed to having just 1 chin by shave day.

wish me luck, ya'll

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Welcome back! I just respawned after quite a bit of time away as well. Happy to be an accountabilibuddy if you need one! Love your motivation and hope you post pics of your awesome couples costume!

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