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Betaine HCL, The Paleo Solution & Leaky Gut

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So in the Paleo Solution Robb Wolf discusses using Betaine HCL in the form of Now Foods: Super Enzymes to help digestion. He suggest taking 1-5 capsules with a meal (protein, carb & fat) until you feel a warmth in the esophagus, then back down one capsule. And so this until one is giving the warming sensation, then you no longer need them.

So my questions are:

Has anyone tried this?

Have you found it useful?

& is will fix digestion issues (assuming you are following a diet free from grains, legumes & processed foods & getting the correct amount of sleep & doing everything else you're suppose to be doing on a paleo diel/lifestyle) ?

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I had never heard/read of Betaine HCL. Just from a brief look, I'd be a little concerned about taking it without knowing what your pH levels are. Symptoms of too much and too little acid seem to overlap, and medicating the wrong way could cause a fair amount of damage.

I'm curious, though, about the claimed link between pH and iron deficiency, since low iron has been a problem for me for years, regardless of diet.

Would your doctor (if you have one) be open to prescribing the heidelberg test? If you had an actual diagnosis of low acid, the only concern would be proper dosing (and lack of info on interactions, if that's a concern).

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