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PrincessHeather's Epic Quest for Happily Ever After

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I figured, while I'm feeling motivated, I should get my goals down in writing. I'm sure this list will grow, as I am always finding new things I want to do. My hope is that being able to actual look at them, review them, and mark them off the list, will encourage me to actually make them happen.

Life Goals

  • Obtain Master's Degree Completed May 2014!
  • Have kids
  • Work for a nonprofit Began new job April 2014!
  • Work in local government, or serve as local official
  • Purchase a home Closed on 1st home September 2013!
  • Live overseas once
  • Be capable of supporting my parents and my in-laws in retirement if necessary


Fitness Goals

  • Be able to squat twice my body weight
  • Be able to deadlift twice my body weight
  • Be able to bench press my body weight
  • Be able to do 50 pushups
  • Be able to do 25 pull ups

Random Goals

  • Go on a Disney cruise with my entire family
  • Get a German Shepard puppy and properly train it Got our puppy November 2014!
  • Visit every state in the US
  • Visit every MLB Stadium


  • Visit each Disney Theme Park in the world (California, Florida, Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai)
  • Become a member of Club 33
  • Backpack the entire Pacific Crest Trail
  • Climb Mount Fuji
  • Climb Kilamanjaro
  • Go on a safari
  • Go on a jungle trek to find chimps or gorillas
  • Visit Machu Pichu
  • Skydive and/or hanglide
  • Visit every continent, including Antarctica


Personal Commandments

  • Be Heather
  • Respect the temple
  • Keep the faith
  • Feel the love
  • Keep moving forward
  • Be light
  • r
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Club 33 is an extremely exclusive and ultra expensive club that is located inside Disneyland, CA. It's basically a super fancy restaraunt, and reservations give you free admission to the park. It is the place where Walt Disney would entertain his most important guests. I'm a Disney nerd, so this would be the ultimate achievement as far as that goes, haha.

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That sounds super cool, actually! I'm keen to go to the Tokyo Disneyland, as part of a Japan trip I'm planning. I'd like to stay overnight in the Peter Pan room or something. :)

I have been to the Tokyo Disneyland! I LOVED it! Make sure you plan on also going to Tokyo DisneySea... It is truly the coolest place I've ever been, the entire park is water themed, so instead of lands, they have different ports (Italy, New York, South America). The central point of the park is a huge volcano. There is a hotel that has rooms that looks out over the big Italian bay, and is absolutely grogeous. Didn't stay there myself, but I will if I make it back to Japan. Let me know if I can help you with any planning for the parks, I had the best time there.

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LOVE your Disney and Club 33 goals!! :D

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― Marya Hornbacher, Wasted: A Memoir of Anorexia and Bulimia

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Oh cool, disney sea sounds amazing! Is 2 days enough to spend there? (land and sea)

If you're an efficient theme-paker (I think I just created a new type of nerd!), you can probably do most things by dedicated one full day to each park. If you have one extra day to spend though, I would. When I went, we spent one dedicated day at each, then decided we LOVED DisneySea and spent another full day there, as well as a fourth day split between them. It depends on your ride/attraction preferences, and how well you can use Fastpass to plan your day. If I remember correctly, DisneySea is bigger with more walking, so that'll play into it a bit as well.

My best friend calls me the Disney Sage, since I have the layouts to 10 different parks committed to memory :)

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i don't have any of those! mine are all clustered in the northeast. my furthest west is jacobs field & my furthest south is nationals park. if i can see a park while also seeing my red sox as the away team, then that is always preferable -- but a couple of them (three) have been random other teams.

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I'm a Dodger fan myself, but all of the non California stadiums with the exception of the Coors Field (Rockies) have been random teams, whoever was in town while I was going to be in that area. I quite like Minute Maid Park (Astros), though of course Dodgers Stadium is home. I'm hoping to get over to see the Minnesota Twins while we're in South Dakota, as that's not likely a place we'll visit for any other reason and its much closer from here than any of the places we *hope* to be stationed in the future. Funny enough, I still have 3 stadiums left in my home state alone haha.

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Backpack the entire Pacific Crest Trail

Me too! My bookclub read a book about it, and they all looked at me like I was nuts when I was bouncing up and down excited about doing it for myself. When you tell people about it, do you get the is-she-joking look followed by a swift subject change?





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Me too! My bookclub read a book about it, and they all looked at me like I was nuts when I was bouncing up and down excited about doing it for myself. When you tell people about it, do you get the is-she-joking look followed by a swift subject change?

Sort of, but I tend to say crazy things like this a lot and the people who know me are used to it and know I'm serious. Like, when I say I'd love to climb Everest... I probably won't, but I do legitly think it would be worth it!

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I'll have to add club 33 to my list and take my Dad. He has a magazine from the '60s that he is on a ride at Disney Land, has been waiting for grand-kids to take there. (My sisters kids collect cans/recycle to save for the trip)

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