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Building Grip Strength

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This thread will serve as a consolidation of previously asked questions regarding grip strength and your hands in general. This is a work in progress and will most likely be trimmed down once someone has the time to read through and pick out what's actually helpful in these posts. For the moment, if you have a question, here's a great place to start.

Blisters and calluses! :(
Developing your Grip - John Brookfield's Grip Tips Index from IronMind
Plate Flips for Grip Strength
How's your forearm/ grip strength?
Deadlift grip strength
Deadlift grip help



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The article is climbing-related, but so far as I can tell, the rice bucket can be used to improve forearm and grip strength just in general, so I thought I'd share it. The video associated with the article seems to include a good overall workout for hands/forearms.



(also linked at the bottom of the article)

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I've read a few of those, +1 on the John Brookfield stuff.


Anyone have any experiencing rehabbing or future-injury-proofing finger tendons?  I've damaged mine creating adhesions and some nerve damage - I'm just getting back to being able to do pull ups consistently after almost two months and now if I do a grip heavy session I can barely open a beer by the evening.  This cannot stand ;)  Two fingers also go pins-and-needles every time I sleep ... this can be pretty weird to wake up to.


I've seen a doctor and physiotherapist, and they've prescribed alternating warm/cold therapy, some mild wrist flexion and traction stretches and nerve flossing.  By no means am I asking any of you for medical / treatment advice but It'd be great to hear some experiences of people who look for real performance though - I'd had a goal of upping my rock climbing through indoor season but haven't climbed in 2 months.

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