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Aussie Rebels?!

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Endor are you okay mate?

You resisted stirring Dawsy.

What's wrong with you bud?

I can be quite crass on occasion so I have to tone it down when I'm in civilised company ;) I'll pay Dawsy out next time I see him though! It wouldn't be the first time I'd called him a fairy scout! :lol:


@BarefootDawsy Could NFA Special Brew (Nerd Fairy Ale or Nerd Fitness Australia) be the name we've been looking for?!

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Hey all, while I'm not really an Aussie nerd, I MIGHT become one ;D
I'm currently living in Switzerland, but me and my gf have sort of decided to try our luck in another country and Australia is high on the list.
I thought I'd ask here (and on facebook) if anybody works in similar industries as her and me, so we could ask you about possible firms in your area we could apply to
So, if anybody works in the Medical Device industry (or possibly robotics/CS) or in HR development (possibly Coaching or HR management), please leave a quick note or send me a message
So long and nerd on :D

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December is crazy, How's about we plan a January Melbourne Meetup? St.Kilda pier - which will be convenient for no-one - and we can go for a walk or have ice cream/coffee (depending on weather/preference)?

Coffee and lunch would be cool, gives me an excuse to ride down from bendigo.

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