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Aussie Rebels?!

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Well, you'll have to work on that Kiwi won't you. I'm just finishing a Post grad cert in project management, hopefully i can land a job in one of the local mines or industry on the east coast here. 

"Strength is the cup. The bigger the cup, the more you can put in" - JDanger

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Another Rebel signing in from Perth, over.

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Anyone in Perth Thurs 25, Friday 26 or Sat 27th July? Im off to the big smoke for a few days and could really use some social contact! (Meekatharra is not exactly the most exciting town in WA) - so let me know if anyone wants to go for a run, walk or general NF awesomeness adventures.

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I don't know if anyone here is an origin fan here but.... Go marooonnnnnnssssss :tongue:


No way - ill be going for the blues tonight!!!!!!! haha


nah I wouldn't say i am a huge fan - i think i have come to the realization that NSW probably wont win tonight. but i will be watching and cheering anyway.

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