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zielperson getting back into the fray

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Oh well..

The last challenge did not go that great, but I am glad the Adventurers' guild is still having me.

Goals for this challenge


1. Loose weight (again)

Starting weight is 94.1kg ~ 207.45lbs

Goal weight is below 90kg ~ 198.4lbs

2. 90 Kettlebell swings EVERY DAY.

This is my fallback, basically I am going to use the kettlebell as a warmup / cooldown device if I do a workout at home, and even if I don't have the time for a full workout, there has to be 5 minutes for those swings.

3. 3 workouts per week - 18 full workouts in this challenge

The actual plan is 5 workouts per week, but things change, so this is the minimum that I want to achieve.

Workouts are going to be TRX (Suspension bodyweight training), Weight training in the Gym (The university does not have a free weight barbell, so dumbbells only, a lot of planning will have to go into this), the aforementioned kettlebell and sandbag exercises (weight sandback, not boxing)


1. Education

A lot of work will go into education. As they are heaping lots of it on us, I hope to have at least 2 e-leaning assessments done by the end of this challenge.

2. Freelance

Get 3 freelance projects done.

3. Decluttering

I am still working on decluttering my library and now it is time to part with some items dear to my heart that I KNOW will be completely unused.

I am talking of my role-playing books, sadly. Many fond memories, but absolutely no time to play any. There has been no RPG going on for at least ten years, actually, so it is time to move on.


My knee has been acting up lately, I hope it will not interfere / that it is actually a lack of moving.

Start of this challenge will also be the restart of knee supplementation.


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Ha, sadly the drawing does not depict me pretty well... LOL. I forgot the kettlebelly, methinks.

So this is just an adventurer standing in for me.

Here we go for the 19th.

Learning and Training


The learning guy looks much sadder than I do, though. I like learning stuff, and this training is great.

But... it is a bit much at times.



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Hahaha... no helmet, sadly. I should get one just to take pictures in, tho.

The weekend saw me with a longer rest period and busier then anticipated. Here is the breakdown:

Friday - The in-laws arrived way, way earlier then expected. Neither work, nor workout got done.

Saturday - I had to learn for my professional training in the afternoon, so my wife and the grandparents took the little one to a beautiful lake an hour drive away, the Walensee.


So I got to learn and also take another assessment this time for the course "Strategic Analysis" - 95% yes!

On Sunday, the grandparents left after a loooong breakfast and my wife took the little one to the zoo in the afternoon. I got freelance work done and some more professional training work.

As for exercise - I am NOT counting throwing around the 30lbs live weight we have in our house. Running and playing with my son is the goal and motivation for exercising, not the exercise.



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Alright, this has been a disappointment.

Starting Sunday night, my hip started aching (along with my knee) and the pain has just left me today, Wednesday.

I did something wrong during my rest? argh.

At least I got more work done.

Freelance project 1 - done

Learning for the next course - on it! 52% done, hope to achieve 100% today, then final assessment on the weekend

I went to the warrior's guild to get advice for my gym training, so I am setting this up as well.

Right now, I am changing the direction of this challenge (slightly)


I am restricting sweets. Period.

No more sweets unless they are special - home made cakes, for example. (This does not happen a lot, so I am safe)

No more chocolate bars, snack treats, etc..


I am now setting up a 2-year (and a bit) timeline and will outline it in a special post.

Reason for this is that I tend to overdo things when I do them in bursts (6 week challenges, 3 month contests,...)

So now I am planning for my 40th birthday. I want to be in very, very good shape going into the 40s.

By then, my son will be 4 and we'll probably have a second kid (maybe 1year old by then) so they need a father who can support them, work his butt off and still be able to play with them.

Every challenge, every quarter year will then be shaped to fit in with that plan.


While the helmet guy is funny^, I am more of a science fiction fan, so I will rebrand my challenges in that light.

Probably Deus ex / Ghost in the Machine / kinda stuff.


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I will back you up on the going cold turkey on sugar thing. You should look into eliminating it even as a trace element too. The withdrawal is bad but it feels SO much better afterwards. It's in all kinds of things - ready meals, baked beans, cereal, sauces, soups, juice, everywhere. Maybe stick with just the sweets first but I really recommend going totally sugar free for a while. It's a nightmare on your system and the lack of it is such a relief. Then afterwards I never really felt like going back to it. I've overeaten once or twice on sugary things since then, it's only been because I'm craving the chocolate.

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Thanks for the backup, ocelot.

I am actually not going to go cold turkey on sugar. I just want to cut out all the unnecessary sweets that I have been shoving down my throat.

My wife and I are decent to good cooks, so we never use ready meals.

Just looking at the ingredients of ready meals makes me want to scream.

It is simple. There are 3 things that make food taste good and are cheap, so they are found in any ready meal in more than abundance.

1. Salt - taste enhancer

2. Fat - Fat is a "taste transporter" and also serves to make food better to swallow, also your body loves getting fed fat.

3. Sugar - Taste enhancer

Really, really avoid those processed nightmares.


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Hip won't let me do anything.. did I pull something?

Going into a slow start next week, only option.


1. Loose weight (again)

Starting weight was 94.1kg, now sitting at 93.4 - almost one kg lost.

Right now, the challenge is pivoting on food alone. I have cut out sweets and sweet drinks, also watching what I eat.

2. 90 Kettlebell swings EVERY DAY.

Not happening - hip / knee acting up still?

3. 3 workouts per week - 18 full workouts in this challenge

This is in dire jeopardy.

Going to eeeeeeeaaaaaaaaase into it next week.


1. Education

This is still going strong.

2. Freelance

Got 1 done, one more has been begun, a third one is sitting at half.

3. Decluttering

My home office is the piece de resistance here. ARGH!


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Alright, here is the latest update


1. Loose weight

This challenge has moved into the pure "eat clean" region. Doing my best

2. 90 KB swings every day

Not happening

3. 3 workouts per week

Also not happening

I do the occasional bycicling and swimming, but not enough to count as a workout.


1. Education

Going strong

2nd test of 6 in the 2nd part done.

2. Freelance

2nd job done, only one more to go

3. Decluttering

ha! Painters are coming on Thursday to redo 2 walls in our bedroom - all of the stuff has been moved into my office. BUT - I managed to throw out a pile of old clothes.


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